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Dad Teaches Daughters about PTSD by Writing Kids' Book

When Seth Kastle and his wife, Julia, found their military history had an impact on their family dynamic, they started thinking about how to have a conversation with their young daughters about PTSD. The children’s book “Why Is Dad So Mad?” and its sequel, “Why Is Mom So Mad?” describe PTSD as a fire inside… Read More »


Source: Johnnie Calloway is a Certified Thought Coach, certification by IFTT, (Institute For Transformational Thinking). A thirty-four-year follower of the Twelve Step communities and a thirty-one-year student and facilitator of ACIM, (A Course in Miracles). Through these formats he has come to believe in the power of thought, and has seen firsthand how changing your… Read More »

Episode 2: Marine Veteran Mike Ergo Talks About Overcoming PTSD and Addiction

Hear how Marine Veteran Mike Ergo overcame his addiction to drugs and alcohol that was brought on by his PTSD. Mike served time in Iraq during one of the bloodiest campaigns in modern U.S. War history, and it shapes his life after his service. Mike will take you on a ride that starts with his… Read More »

Childhood trauma, good causes & lots more

http://www.chrissybshow.tv 18.03.19 – EP011 Chrissy interviews special guest, Richard Stewart, Director of Student Life, a multi-award winning lifestyle project created and curated by students, for students. He’s joined by students Tommy Curry and Leanne Arnold to talk about their mental health journey. Then we go to Psychologist Dr Audrey Tang talking about how to prevent… Read More »

That Moment I Found Closure After A Traumatic Childhood

Christina grew up in an abusive home in the south side of Chicago. She had a chaotic childhood which eventually led her down a career path to social work. After fostering a little girl, Christina’s past traumas came flooding back in a way that she couldn’t ignore. We love to connect with YOU, no matter… Read More »

PTSD Patrol: Stop blocking passing lane

When drivers get in the wrong lane, it messes up everyones ride. When people get into the wrong “awareness” raising, it messes up everyones lives. Stop sharing how many veterans you think committed suicide today, because the end result is you made them aware they were not alone in that decision, when you could have… Read More »