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Overthinking on trauma makes kids prone to developing PTSD

New Delhi, Oct 20 (ANI): While trauma in itself can pose risk to a child’s healthy development, overthinking on such events makes the kid more prone to suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), says a recent study.If they think their reaction to traumatic events is not normal, they become more likely to develop PTSD, the… Read More »

Sarah Palin Talks Support For Donald Trump, Comments On Obama And PTSD | TODAY

Live on TODAY, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin gives her first interview since declaring her support for Donald Trump, predicting a Trump victory. She says it “wasn’t tough” to choose between Trump and Ted Cruz to support, saying she wants to keep Cruz in the Senate and put Trump in the White House. She also… Read More »

Children in Central African Republic have opted to sketch their sufferings | Indus News

Children at Lazare camp in the war-ravaged Central African Republic have opted to sketch their sufferings to fight post-traumatic stress disorder. Stream Indus News live at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R33b15_r6Yk #LazareCamp #Sketching #IndusNews Watch Indus News Live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tnVn-e_mYk Indus News official facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ indusdotnews/ Twitter Tweets by indusdotnews Indus News Programs Scope News wire Indus Special Coffee… Read More »

Know how head injuries lead to serious brain diseases

New Delhi, Nov 18 (ANI): In a recent study, biologists discovered how head injuries adversely affect individual cells and genes that can lead to serious brain disorders. The researchers studied more than 6,000 cells in 15 hippocampal cell types — the first study of individual cell types subject to brain trauma. Each cell has the… Read More »