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PTSD | Spoken Word by Lucky Garcia

WARNING: This video contains disturbing content and may be upsetting to some people. Lucky Garcia felt like she never fit in. The war veteran-turned-poet has endured many difficulties in life, but today her writing has become more than a passion – it’s therapy. Writing about war – and her life during and after – helps… Read More »

Peer support group helps KCK firefighters manage job-related trauma

It’s a sad and possibly shocking fact, but more police officers and firefighters die from suicide than in the line of duty, according to a study by the Ruderman Family Foundation. The Kansas City, Kansas, Fire Department is doing something about it through a peer trauma support group. Source: Youtube

Jason Kander gets candid about PTSD and suicidal thoughts

He was a rising star in the Democratic party and began thinking about a run for the White House. But no matter what office Jason Kander was running for, he couldn’t outrun depression. Almost a year after stepping out of the political spotlight, the Afghanistan war veteran has a new mission: helping homeless veterans. Read… Read More »

Painting as Medicine for PTSD | Saint Leon

SaintLeon is a father, Army #veteran, PTSD survivor and painter from Kansas City, Kansas. His multi-layered paintings are inspired by pop culture and street art, and doing his creative work serves as an effective outlet for dealing with the difficulties of living with traumatic memories from the war in Iraq, where he served in the… Read More »

Prose, Poetry and PTSD: Magazine Offers Veterans Solace Through Writing

Between the pages of Veterans’ Voices magazine, veterans find expression, community and healing. Beginning with veterans of the First World War, the magazine has published the prose, poetry and art of veterans across the United States for 66 years. Run by a dedicated group of volunteers in Kansas City, Missouri, Veterans’ Voices compiles submissions into… Read More »

Naked Rants | Mentors | What To Do When You Discover You Have PTSD | Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Did you grow up in the foster care system like I did? Did you skip a lot school throughout your years like I did? Did you experience a traumatic event and drop out of high school like I Did? Did you struggle with college, dropping out and starting over as I did? Has anyone ever… Read More »