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Pomeranian Necromancer Wizard – Forrest, the Callous and Traumatized Combat Medic

Petty Officer Forrest “Knucklebones” MacFluff: NE M Lapdog (Pomeranian) Wizard (Necromancy) 10, Soldier (Healer) Fun Fact: Shamed for his lack of skill in treating his allies, and having to hide under their corpses to escape destruction himself; he has since committed to learning more about life and death as a way to treat his post… Read More »

Combat PTSD Film “We, The Survivors” – Crowdfunding Pitch Video

This is the crowdfunding pitch video for our short film based on Combat PTSD “We, The Survivors”. Logline: We were trained to go to war, but no-one trained us to come home. Synopsis: Corporal Lincoln Hunt, returns home after his final tour in Iraq, only to realise that for some… the war is never really… Read More »