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Greg Swaine | LIR on PTSD & Workplace Mental Health

On this episode: Greg Swaine, a mental health advocate working on organizational mental health programs, comes on Life in Red to tell his story on witnessing an accident that lead to years of mental health issues, with an eventual PTSD diagnosis. This inspired him to lead a project transforming his workplace’s mental health programs, which… Read More »

Darren Hardy on Mental Resilience & PTSD – Mental Health Awareness Week Military Leadership Special

15 years service, former British Army Capt, Darren Hardy transitioned from the army after a medical discharged in 2017 after receiving but physical and mental injuries as a result of the war. He now works as a Project Manager at a Skanska but shares his knowledge and coping strategies on how to improve mental resilience.… Read More »

DFD/SLM L-12019135, Movie Night! Leon: The Professional

If you’re thinking about suicide call 1-800-273-8255, Veterans press 1, Humans wait for the prompt. Leave us a message at dfd.slm@deployedfromdetroit.com or (313) 288-9617 Speakers and wires and shit like that. You know, Podcast stuff. Source: Youtube

Police Mental Health: from self-improvement to community improvement | Jean-Michel Blais | TEDxMSVU

Jean-Michel Blais describes the experiences that led him be diagnosed with PTSD and how the daily management of his condition has led him to be a better leader, which is helping to change the attitude and culture of his police force. Jean-Michel (J.M.) Blais is the Chief of Halifax Regional Police. Earlier in his career,… Read More »

Leading Team Members with PTSD (RTYC 318 unedited)

Successfully leading your team when mental health issues and disorders are a factor can be challenging, but all leaders can set their entire team up for success. This episode talks about PTSD. *This is the video version of the daily Leadership Podcast “Run To Your Challenges” with some extra value. Source: Youtube

FDIC Int’l 2018: Jada Hudson Presents “Leadership and PTSD: Avoiding PTSD” 1/3

On April 23, 2018, at FDIC International 2018, clinically-trained therapist Jada Hudson of Hudson Clinical Counseling presented this informative and vitally important workshop session on the impact that fire service leadership has on firefighters before, during, and after potentially traumatic events. The information presented here is based on a 2011 study from the University of… Read More »