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Entrepreneur Leadership Series: Russell Davies

This week’s speaker is Russell Davies who is the founder of the non-profit P.T.S.D. (Professional Transformation Sports Development). Russell served 5 years in the military and was deployed overseas to Iraq and Afghanistan. When he returned home, he realized that kayaking and adventure sports were a source of relief and rehabilitation in coping with post… Read More »

PTSD When We're Not "Post" Yet with Jason Wasser

Brandon talks with Jason Wasser about the anxiety and fear that’s still hovering over everyone as we are continuing to move through the pandemic. Watch the full episode at https://youtu.be/1NBaoZDEiFA — and learn more at https://theworkplacetherapist.com/ Source: Youtube

Incorporating Trauma-Informed Leadership

If you’re wondering how to stay on top of your leadership development, consider adding a trauma-informed lens. What’s unique about this time in history is that on top of the collective trauma people are experiencing, there’s a barrage of individual traumas both big and small. As I work with hundreds of leaders over the course… Read More »

Ep 38 Breaking Free with Jeremy Harrell

On todays show Steve Hallman is joined by the founder of Veterans Club Inc, Jeremy Harrell. Jeremy shares his story of overcoming adversity in childhood and as an adult. After being deployed to Iraq in the U. S. Army Jermey had to confront an internal and external battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Jeremy… Read More »

Judgemental Training and Decision Making | Part 1 | 4K

Soldiers have to make split second decisions with life or death consequences, can you do the same? This video sets out the parameters for the Rules of Engagement and then thrusts upon you two sequences of potentially life threatening situations, can you make the right choice? Rules of Engagement explanation: 00:37 Scenario 1: 06:46 Scenario… Read More »

The Post-Traumatic Stress Dissolver

Leading Lights Network exists to help YOU start a small group (Church) in your home or community. We are Church leaders from around the world who have started Churches before, and we want you to benefit from our mistakes and successes so that you can go further in the Lord, and so that we can… Read More »

POST-TRAUMATIC GROWTH: 3 surprising Covid benefits

I know you’ve heard of PTSD. But, have you heard of PTG – Post-Traumatic Growth? It’s the growth that you can experience as a result of a traumatic event. You can actually experience these 3 amazing, unexpected benefits as a result of this traumatic pandemic, Covid. Source: Youtube

A Hero’s Heart Can Lead To Burnout- Sonia Clark Interview's* Jacqueline Buckley*

Sonia Clark Interview’s* Jacqueline Buckley* How A Hero’s Heart Can Lead To Burnout, Anxiety, And Other Stress-Related Illnesses. Stay connected: Home Book a time for your business requirements: https://soniaclarkLBE.as.me/ https://www.soniaclark.com/ admin@soniaclark.com Podcast Show: “Prosper with Sonia Clark” – https://www.soniaclark.com/episode/ https://www.instagram.com/sonia_clark_lbe/ https://www.facebook.com/soniaclarklbe/ Bio: Hi, I’m Jacqueline Buckley (Jacquie) CD, BA Justice, M.A Counselling Psych, CCC-Q; owner… Read More »