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February 21, 2020 #Vlog #Ptsd

Hi, thanks for watching my video blog. As always my videos are unscripted basically near daily journal entries about my day. I’ve been professionally diagnosed with #PTSD, #Agoraphobia , #PanicDisorder #Anxiety and #Insomnia. These are raw videos so I’ll be tongue tied, not always make sense, ramble and rant but ultimately the goal is to… Read More »

Vlog #5: Coping Skills (Mental Health Blog: How to cope CPTSD Anxiety Depression and mental illness)

All about how I cope with stressful moments or when my PTSD symptoms get really bad. I actually experience a dissociative episode during filming and had to use those coping skills to complete the filming. ———————— Follow Me on Social Media! Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/OutcastRevyn SnapChat: @OutcastRevyn Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/outcastrevyn/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.me/OutcastRevyn/ TikTok: http://www.tiktok.com/@outcastrevyn/ ———————— Want to send… Read More »

January 14, 2019 Vlog#3: I have PTSD

TRIGGER WARNING! If you have PTSD or have a history of domestic violence, this video may not be for you. I don’t go into detail of my history of domestic violence, but I do talk about how my flashbacks and other PTSD symptoms make me feel. If you think this may trigger your symptoms, then… Read More »

Relationship PTSD

I was in a relationship for 8 years. Those 8 years left a mark on me going into my current relationship with my fiance. Relationship trauma is very real, and a lot of us bring triggers and defensive behaviours into our current/future relationships without knowing it. Sometimes it is hard to see it, harder to… Read More »

Volume 3 PTSD | The Boopcast #49 ft. Calxiyn & Bri of Fandom Reactions

*Season 4, Episode 6 Welcome to The Boopcast! This week we’re discussing Chapter 6 with the lovely Calxiyn and Bri from Fandom Reactions! We talked about tonal shifts, shipping, reacting and trauma from Volume 3! The Boopcast is live-streamed every Saturday at 9am AEDT/Friday 4pm CST (times may vary) so be sure to follow my… Read More »

Behind the scenes: PTSD, a moment of clarity

A brief behind the scenes clip of a documentary in the making. A recent moment of clarity that provided a massive shift in my life. What if there is a way out of the emotional pain? Would you take the steps necessary to live the life you want? It’s a powerful journey, but absolutely worth… Read More »

ASMR Boyfriend Roleplay – Comfort for PTSD (M4A)

You’re watching a movie with your boyfriend when suddenly things take a darker turn… This video was a request from one of my subscribers. I hope I did service with this. Personally, I wanted to avoid making it sound too much like my panic attack video, and I did try to conduct my research, but… Read More »

The Truth About Gyms For Trans Women

Hello Everyone! Thank you for watching my video! New Videos Every Thursday! We dive deep to get to the radically authentic truth so that we can all live our most radically authentic lives! Transgender people face more than their fair share of discrimination. This video examines how something as simple as going to the gym… Read More »

ATTACK OF THE PTSD – Jan 19, 2015

so yesterday was a little bit of a tough day for Will, which is why Skyler and I thought to take him to his fav place to eat. same day previous three years: 2012 – YES I HAVE FRIENDS 2013 – HANGOVERS SUCK 2014 – DON’T WATCH THIS VLOG make sure to check out our… Read More »

Ptsd ~ Sara Lance~

Yes this is a reupload. Yes it’s because i love this video and i want more people to see it as its my favorite edit i have.Also baby shark Lmao those are favorite my edits, Hey Everyone! I’m Elizabeth. On my channel ShippingAvalance you’ll find daily video edits to songs.I edit from Legends of tomorrow.… Read More »

Shine it on | Adam Whitney | TEDxCarsonCity

Adam Whitney is a survivor of hate crimes and Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He has been an actor, singer and dancer for over fifteen years. Adam has been featured in the Ocean Professional Theatre Company’s production of The Andrew Sisters Christmas of Swing in Toms River, NJ. He was also featured as Wilbur Turnblad in… Read More »