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Man Has Vivid Memories Of A 'Past Life' That Experts Still Can't Explain

Man Has Vivid Memories Of A ‘Past Life’ That Experts Still Can’t Explain James Leininger and his family moved all over the country. By the time he was two years old in 2000, he’d lived in San Francisco, Dallas, and Lafayette. He was a well-traveled kid, and he’d seen people from all over the United… Read More »

NDE: Understanding Veterans' Near-Death Experiences

Veterans who have had Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) may experience a Gap in Care. Healthcare providers have little training to recognize NDEs and frequently confuse it with PTS or mental illness. Therefore, Veteran NDErs may be ignored, misdiagnosed, over-medicated and given costly, ineffective treatment. Veterans, their family members, counselors, and researchers share their insights into these… Read More »