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My Journey With Weight Loss, Pain & PTSD That Led Me to Become An Integrative Healer

We all have our stories that lead us to where we are. My story starts with struggling to accept myself and my body and how this led me to abusive relationships, pain, and PTSD. I had to learn to heal myself and share my story with the world. Key experiences and decisions regarding faith or… Read More »

Dealing with Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying can be subtle and hard to detect, through to being very obvious to bystanders. The effect of bullying is mostly psychological in nature, victims of workplace bullying can end up with effects such as ongoing anxiety, panic attacks, clinical depression and even Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD)(https://www.facebook.com/RajTCoaching/videos/567762690366720/) We all have a moral responsibility to help create… Read More »

028: Cancer PTSD is Real: How to Cope with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Many people diagnosed with cancer also experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and for some, this persists and sometimes worsens with time, even after successful cancer treatment. PTSD is most often associated with traumatic events such as war, sexual and physical attacks, natural disasters, and serious accidents. But people with cancer may experience it too. According… Read More »


I can help with: generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), acute stress disorder, adjustment disorder, substance-induced, agoraphobia, caused by medical condition, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social phobia, and specific phobia. https://www.seankyleoflondon.info/ Source: Youtube

5 Things I'm doing to become my Children's Life Coach (Dad) Narcissistic Mom and Dad with BPD/PTSD

Instead of worrying and ruminating I had to become Children’s life Coach, as best as I can. My Children 29,28,19,17 are survivors of a PTSD Quiet BPD Father and Narcissistic Mom and Step Mother. After my complete nervous breakdown in 2016, I had to stand in my truth or face death by insanity and the… Read More »

Cancer and PTSD

This podcast is called, Cancer and PTSD.  The Cancer Impact. How PTSD impacts the Cancer Patient, the Cancer Survivor, the Care-Giver and the entire Healthcare Delivery System.  It is the first segment of a series of Podcasts on the “Cancer Impact” Source: Youtube

What is Narcissism? | Narcissistic Personality Traits vs Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Reea discusses the spectrum of Narcissism from narcissistic personality traits to Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) as a mental illness. Reea is a Life and Relationship Coach, Intuitive Empath, the survivor of narcissistic abuse and in recovery from complex post traumatic stress disorder. She works with woman all over the World supporting their emotional, psychological and… Read More »

Clearing Painful Memories, Trauma, and PTSD

We’ve created this short meditation to help you effectively clear, heal, and release past memories, unresolved emotions, and trauma. The creative process used in this meditation is similar to the REM – Rapid Eye Movement – process, and allows us to access deeply buried memories and impressions and fragments of memories stored in various areas… Read More »

Psychedelics PTSD and Navy SEALs – Jeff Boss

Why do extraordinary guys get sh*t done while the rest stay stuck? Check out Tripp Lanier’s new micro-course to crush resistance and procrastination here: http://www.thenewmanpodcast.com/resistance/ Subscribe on iTunes: http://apple.co/21rcPC4 The New Man Podcast: http://thenewmanpodcast.com Tripp Lanier’s site: http://tripplanier.com Former Navy SEAL and coaching client, Jeff Boss describes his personal experience of using psychedelics, therapy, and… Read More »

664 DIY Healing P.T.S.D. Technique | Veterans Day | How To Deal With War Memories

Here’s how we can help our veterans. This advanced P.T.S.D. healing technique helps soldiers deal with war memories, drug addictions, and abuse. If you know someone that can benefit from this, then please share this video with them. We all have a duty to help our veterans become a functioning, healthy part of society once… Read More »