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“Coming Out” as a Survivor of Complex Trauma

Firstly, sorry about the inappropriately cheerful thumbnail. Secondly, this is a video about some very sensitive topics, and a few trigger warnings apply: Discussion/description of verbal/physical domestic violence including repeating quotes that contain slurs for gay people and women, discussion of mental illness particularly PTSD, discussion of poverty and homelessness, and discussion of suicide/suicidal ideation.… Read More »

Army Veteran Is Pulled Up By The Police, Officer Has Seen His Flag And Decided To Stop Him!

Army Veteran Is Pulled Up By The Police, Officer Has Seen His Flag And Decided To Stop Him! When the very brave man and women that serve our country come home after months abroad, they have baggage, both mental and emotional. Quite often many of us can’t imagine how these brave men and women carry… Read More »

Army Veteran Decides To Take His own Life When a Tiny Black And White Kitten changes Everything

Please Help Me Subscribe Channel And Share Video . Thank You !!!! We’re all aware of the issues service men and women face when they return home from serving. The psychological damage can be unbearable for some veterans and they don’t always get the help they need. Army Sgt. Josh Marino suffered psychological damage from… Read More »

MY LIFE STORY – HOW FITNESS SAVED MY LIFE | Anxiety, eating disorder, PTSD…

Finally talking in depth about where i come from, what i’ve been through and what made me the person i am today. This video has been requested on my instagram and i finally took the time and filmed it for you. I’ve been hesitant to film this because i’m new to making videos and i… Read More »

Episode 8 Inherited Trauma – It Will Go No Further Than Me!

28th Aug 2017 INHERITED TRAUMA, It Will Go No Further Than Me! Inherited Trauma, is something I am familiar with, although I chose not to go into too much detail in this video, what’s important here is that I choose to dissolve it now in my life! It has run it’s course and contributed towards… Read More »