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My PTSD Is Keeping Me From Qualifying For My Dream Job!

My PTSD Is Keeping Me From Qualifying For My Dream Job! Order my new book, The Proximity Principle: http://bit.ly/2VvBlVc Listen To The Full Show: https://bit.ly/2FErF5Y Resumé and Interview Guides: https://bit.ly/2Hjzd0q If you have questions about your career, passions or talents, I want to hear from you! Call me at 844-747-2577 or email ask@kencoleman.com. Website: http://bit.ly/2RD3Gv6… Read More »

Daily Life of Shana | VLOG 01 – Medical Issues and Streamer Challenges

Hi lovely people of the internet, ShanaPlays here with another video! I hope you enjoy this one, if you are part of the # endvideo squad show some love and support by letting me know in the comments below! Massive thank you and shoutout to all of you for your support, you all are amazing… Read More »

How to Have Extraordinary Growth on Ordinary Days | Marc Cordon | TEDxFarmingdale

Through our ups and downs and all-arounds, it’s critical to have a mental model for your personal growth. Because without it, we put ourselves at the mercy of the tiniest fluctuations in our environment. Marc Cordon presents the five elements of growth that can be applied to posttraumatic growth, imposter syndrome, posttraumatic stress disorder, fear… Read More »

Army Officer Recovers After Suffering PTSD

ID: 3322902 A haunted war veteran has described how his life was ruined by PTSD – which he says he got from the guilt of working with the families of soldiers who had been injured and killed. Neil Harrison, 49, spent 25 years in the Royal Artillery and saw service in the Gulf, Bosnia, Cyprus… Read More »

Where I Talk About PTSD

Hello and welcome to Me and My Lovely Home. This week’s vlog is me chatting about PTSD relating to myself. Obviously I am not a medical professional! I have been researching PTSD concerning myself so I have put the links to the websites below which you may find interesting as it has lots of information… Read More »

Living with depression, anxiety and ptsd

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K9's 4 Dog Tags | Kimball

Kimball joined the Live Life Nice movement by featuring a maker station in our Chicago showroom during the industry’s largest contract furniture show in June, where attendees had the opportunity to create custom, hand stamped dog tag necklaces. For every dog-tag, Kimball donated $1 to K9S 4 Dog tags. K9’s 4 Dogtags, a non-for-profit organization… Read More »

Life after death: You will know when you are DEAD – shock research- Brexit News

Life after death: You will know when you are DEAD – shock research- Brexit News #ufo #alien #nasa The debate of what happens after death has been raging on for thousands of years, crossing through the realms of science, religion and philosophy. But scientists are now creating a clearer picture thanks to advances in medical… Read More »


💪Support JC and the Wrong to Strong mission 🙏 ❗❗❗❗🔔🔔SUBSCRIBE AND CLICK THE BELL ICON 🔔 🔔❗❗❗❗ The system is fucked up and I am doing my part to help inmates. My message to everyone is to never judge people, we never know what people go through and we should be better at embracing others.… Read More »

Bouncing Back: An Experience with Post-Traumatic Growth Syndrome | Dave Sanderson | TEDxQueensU

A survivor of US Airways Flight 1549, which crash landed in the Hudson river, Dave has had the unique experience of surviving a plane crash. Traumatic events such as plane crashes can have a devastating impact on one’s psychology. Dave, through the the lessons he has learned in his life, has been able to grow… Read More »