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BF5 Triggers PTSD?

Despite what the average redditor might have you think, this is the best battlefield in a very long time.. I’m uploading shite again, If you honestly enjoy this kinda content, please either post a comment or leave a like. It lets me know if you guys are loving the shit i’m pooping out! the song;… Read More »

this prank channel gave me ptsd

MY NEWEST MUSIC VIDEO CALLED “shane dawson”: https://youtu.be/D5zu86yUXp8 u better buckle up partner, because you’re about to embark on the most inconceivably average social media ride of a lifetime!! https://www.instagram.com/supportiveboyfriend Tweets by SilentSkyler https://www.twitch.tv/whatthefusk snapchat: @silentskylerr ALL THE STUFF I USE THAT ALLOWS ME TO BE SO INCREDIBLY IMPRESSIVE & EXTRAORDINARY: sexy camera: https://amzn.to/2CAjAPN sexy… Read More »