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Minecraft Civilization 2: Minecraft Gave Me PTSD!!! [Part-3]

Hello YouTube! And what is hang-tangin to my subscribers? Ladie and gentlmen, welcome to my friends and I’s second civilization series! We decided to build it on top of an ocean this time. In this episode, I find something out that may or may not lead to the fall of the Civ. Enjoy! Music: Minecraft… Read More »

BF5 Triggers PTSD?

Despite what the average redditor might have you think, this is the best battlefield in a very long time.. I’m uploading shite again, If you honestly enjoy this kinda content, please either post a comment or leave a like. It lets me know if you guys are loving the shit i’m pooping out! the song;… Read More »

this prank channel gave me ptsd

MY NEWEST MUSIC VIDEO CALLED “shane dawson”: https://youtu.be/D5zu86yUXp8 u better buckle up partner, because you’re about to embark on the most inconceivably average social media ride of a lifetime!! https://www.instagram.com/supportiveboyfriend Tweets by SilentSkyler https://www.twitch.tv/whatthefusk snapchat: @silentskylerr ALL THE STUFF I USE THAT ALLOWS ME TO BE SO INCREDIBLY IMPRESSIVE & EXTRAORDINARY: sexy camera: https://amzn.to/2CAjAPN sexy… Read More »