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Q&A Narcissist Abuse & C-PTSD Part 2

To take advantage of the DeMars Coaching service, please visit https://www.daviddemars.com/ Shane’s Law Petition: https://www.change.org/p/protection-for-victims-that-are-suffering-emotional-psychological-and-financial-abuse-by-narcissistic-personality-disordered-individuals Suicide Prevention (US) 1 800 273 8255 Domestic Violence help (US) 1 800 799 7233 Home Suicide Prevention (CAN) 1 833 456 4566 Womens Aid (UK) 0808 2000 247 Domestic Violence help (AUS) 1 800 RESPECT (737 732) Suggestion: The… Read More »

7 Misconceptions About Loneliness

What is loneliness? Is loneliness the same as feeling alone or being lonely? Does depression making us more lonely? What about social isolation? If you’re watching this video to find out how to deal with loneliness, then this video may not be for you. However, Psych2Go shares some reasons why loneliness is so highly misunderstood… Read More »

My horror and PTSD !- BPD/Bipolar, one of the cruelest of them all! How to move past it.

Hi folks Join our TRIBE! BIPOLARLINE TRIBE! Welcome! Todays video is about PTSD. I hope this helps, as I move towards working on a tool to eradicate, or at least lessen this horrible emotional Trauma. An invasion into our very hearts! I’m with you. Sharing some of my experience with it too. THANKS FOR WATCHING,… Read More »

Bipolar mixed episode processing loneliness and grief. Vulnerability, PTSD.

My name is Xanthe Wyse and my Facebook pages are Bipolar Courage and Soar Purpose. I have been diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder, PTSD, social anxiety disorder. Earlier today I made a video about my birthday. The tears have been flowing all on my own, in my room, while writing cards to myself. The last… Read More »

Bipolar/BPD/ADHD/PTSD. How to separate thought from fact. Excellent help from Bipolarline

Hi folks Todays video is all about seperating thoughts from facts. Our minds go all over the place, leaving us in some market place full of crazy people. lol. You can begin to change this, by seperating the garbage from the truth. I hope you find this helpful. Much more on this on my Patreon… Read More »

Autism & PTSD – Need to find a straight single female to write to romantically in the UK

I created this video hoping to be able to get to know a straight single female around my age of 27-28 to get to know romantically. I have been through so much trauma due to social experiences which have ended badly due to reasons out of my control. I’m hoping by creating this video, I… Read More »

83.000 Brain scans. Bipolar/BPD/ADD…. – do you have the correct diagnosis?

Hi folks Bipolarline. To educate and empower and move towards ending the stigma attached to mental illness! I make videos as often as possible. Please enjoy. Topic you want me to cover? Tell me! Please go onto my Patreon page, and hopefully become a supporter to me: https://www.patreon.com/Bipolarline Thanks everyone! Love you all Deb https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/BIPOLARLINE?ref=seller-platform-mcnav… Read More »

Justin Hale – Lonely Hearts Club (PTSD) Official Music Video Directed by Brandon "Bano" Ochoa

Justin Hale releases the long awaited music video for one of the hottest songs from his Valentines Day 2019 EP release “Thorns” In this video you see Justin calmly contemplating the pros and cons of being a little more introverted than most. Enjoy the video and leave a comment! The link to the EP Audio… Read More »


!!!PLEASE NOTE THIS COULD BE POSSIBLE TRIGGER!!!!! A short film of images and information for those suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. This video was made by me as a PTSD sufferor who felt there was not enough help for those with PTSD or for family of friends coping with a victim. This… Read More »