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My Experience / Struggles Living with PTSD

I just need to be Real and Transparent with y’all rq. I been struggling a lot lately and it’s been really hard but I’m working through it. Above all else I love y’all and your life has more meaning than you can Imagine. ❤️ ** Please share I was Deleted @400 Subs help me get… Read More »

Cure Your PTSD in Just 12 Weeks with MAP

MAP is a revolutionary healing modality to cure post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This video will help you get more awareness how it impacted my life and how I healed it 100% by going to MAP program. It influenced my life to a great extent that I am now pursuing MAP as my profession. This… Read More »

"I Love you" but they Disregard & Ghosted you? don't waist your time, it could be NPD?

Has your steady lover (boy / Girl Friend) suddenly become vague for absolutely no reason you can think of? They randomly went vague & Ghosted & began Bread crumbing / Ignoring you, not replying to texts, voice messages? it completely Blind sided you, put you a state of shock. (Devalue) Now they are back with… Read More »

Paul Sladkus 05/18/2020

3pm est Show. https://facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10163888413375392&id=526380391 5/18/2020 Paul Sladkus Facebook Live Good News Broadcast Part Two of our pilot series….. International Nurse’s Day Video, Montefiore Hospital Shares Thanks, Wounded Hero’s with Bob Baccacia, Pete Seeger Movie, The Power of Song. Arlo Guthrie and Natalie Mannes from the Dixie Chicks talk about Pete. Bruce Springsteen, Dylan, Peter, Paul… Read More »

Welcome Twinflames & Soulmates! /Programs & Services I Offer

Hello! My name is Kaysha and I am a Twinflame and Tarot Love Reader. In this video, I talk about some amazing programs that will transform your life for the better. 🙂 Below, are more details about each program. PAYPAL ME: https://paypal.me/KSFRY1225 *****Below are the details and services that I am using that has TRANSFORMED… Read More »

Kinks & Fetishes | SEX ED COLLAB SERIES ft DID MomVlog

GIVEAWAY (4/10/20-5/8/20) HOW TO ENTER: *required *Subscribe to our YouTube and follow us on Instagram. *Leave a different comment on each of the 5 videos posted during this giveaway *Share each of the 5 videos uploaded during this giveaway to your social media and use the tag #TheArtofAdultingGiveaway Extra Credit: (Meeting the requirements above only… Read More »

Why I Have PTSD

Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! Scroll down for some resources 🙂 Here’s my last video: Instagram: @monicajenea_ Domestic Violence/Abuse Resources: 1. The National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE) www.ndvh.org 2. National Dating Abuse Helpline 1-866-331-9474 www.loveisrespect.org 3. National Child Abuse Hotline/Childhelp 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) www.childhelp.org 4. National Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-4673 (HOPE) www.rainn.org ___________ Suicide Prevention… Read More »

An aspect of my PTSD and how it affects dating!

This video explores a particularly frustrating aspect of my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from my last relationship. I talk about my last relationship more in other poems/videos. The quick run down is I was engaged to a woman with a life threaten eating disorder and suicidal tendencies. That relationship left me with a variety of… Read More »

Heal anxiety, ptsd, panic & fear #2

In this video i explain how traumas are created in the body and a simple somatic exercise to help discharge them. Sign up on my newsletter through my website: https://www.intimacyadventure.com/ to download music and more detailed instructions about how to do the exercise properly so you will get the most out of it. Subscribe to… Read More »

Running From Trauma | PTSD | Drive With Me

TW: In this video I talk about trauma and abuse, please watch with caution. Thank you so much for watching, if you enjoyed this video give it a BIG thumbs up & don’t forget to subscribe & turn on the notification bell so you never miss a new video!! New videos every Wednesday & Saturday!!… Read More »

MATT'S STORY: How Does A Man Cope With The Loss Of His Father? | 15 Minutes Of F.A.M.E

15 minutes of F.A.M.E* *FEARLESSLY. ACKNOWLEDGING. MY. EXPERIENCES. Do you ever feel alone, like there’s no one you can relate to? No one deserves to feel that way – so we’re building a community to change that. 15 Minutes of F.A.M.E is a platform where anyone can share their experiences – from biggest fears to… Read More »