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If you suffer from PTSD, you NEED to know THIS!!!!

Discovering PTSD in yourself and the insight you need to heal. Tonight on Tier Talk, Anthony Gangi sits down with Retired Police Officer Cody Cook to share with us her personal experience in battling PTSD and the importance of knowing when you may be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Inmate Manipulation Course is NOW… Read More »

Tech N9ne – PTSD (feat. C-Mob, Krizz Kaliko, Jay Trilogy, Hurricane, SplytSecond…)

Finally, i did this remix. Sorry for being so long away. Here is full list of MC’s: 1. Tech N9ne 2. Jay Trilogy 3. Reckless Anxiety 4. Loc Saint 5. Ali Tomineek 6. Kamikazi 7. Playboy The Beast 8. SplytSecond 9. Wrekonize 10. C-Mob 11. Hurricane 12. Cryptic Wisdom 13. VBL 14. Mizury Mize 15.… Read More »


Canine Companions for Independence was founded in Santa Rosa, California in July 1975 by Bonnie Bergin as the first program of its kind.[3] While teaching in Asia, she had seen burros being used by disabled people and thought that dogs could serve a similar role in the US.[4] Since then, it has grown to a… Read More »

Brian Wood – MC veteran talks about mental battle & witch-hunt | TSMF SHOW

Today I have the incredible honour of welcoming Brian Wood MC, Sunday Times best selling Author, former Colour Sergeant in the Princess of Wales´s Royal regiment to my show. Brian was awarded the military cross for his courageous leadership in Iraq in the battle of Danny Boy 14th May 2004. Brian suffered Post Traumatic Stress… Read More »

Improvised hand dancing is therapeutic. Bipolar, anxiety, PTSD.

My name is Xanthe Wyse. I have been diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder, PTSD, social anxiety disorder. When my mood is elevated with bipolar, I have an overwhelming urge to dance, which helps me express and release emotions. An elevated mood with bipolar helped override my social anxiety (including fear that people will judge me)… Read More »

Yoza for the good cause against PTSD | Credits Auckland Black FB and Russman Cooper Hira

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Surviving Mental Illness: Depression, PTSD & Anxiety ft. Dr. Sindi van Zyl | #DEFINING

Living with mental illness is not easy. It’s a consistent problem without a clear solution. While treatments like medication and therapy are incredibly helpful, sometimes people experiencing mental health conditions need to do more day-in and day-out to feel good or even just be okay. In today’s episode of #AskingForAFriend: The Mental Health Edition, Dr… Read More »

18-hour Insane Ayaya Challenge – Part 2

Hi lovely people of the internet! Here is part 2 of the insane 18-hour Ayaya Challenge. Originally aimed for 24 hours but managed 18 hours. Rules of this challenge: -Have to have webcam on (no webcam = no verification if it’s done legit) -Timer needs to be visible on the screen (also creates the illusion… Read More »