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How PTSD/Trauma can be healed *Possible triggers*

For a long time people with PTSD have been told they will never get over their traumatic memories. Can be controlled by medication and years of therapy. Trauma therapy has progressed greatly beyond counselling and medication. New neuro-science can show how traumatic memories are encoded in the limbic system. Psycho-sensory techniques can break the chemical/electrical… Read More »

How to change PTSD/Trauma memories.

Do you have, or know someone suffering from emotional trauma. This short video explains how trauma is encoded in the limbic system and why talking about it will never bring about change. Discover a new way of looking how to resolve any traumatic memory with psychosensory techniques. This video is for educational purposes only and… Read More »

How PTSD affects the veterans brain – body connection

http://www.ptsdfree.co.uk Learn how war can affect the brain-body connection. How trauma alters the electrical/chemical reaction in the brain-body. Psycho-sensory techniques break the sub-modalities of a memory. Once this is achieved the memories are decoded and NO emotional charge can be felt. Source: Youtube

Beth E Baker on Complex PTSD and healing with Matrix Reimprinting

Beth E Baker has personal experience of complex PTSD and shares her story of transformation using Matrix Reimprinting as part of her every day practice. If you have been affected by trauma then you can find a practitioner here www.MatrixReimprinting.com Contact with Beth via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/beth.e.baker Source: Youtube

Break free from emotional trauma/stress with tapping techniques.

http://www.stresspractitioner.com Many people believe that emotional trauma/stress is for life. Some have been in years of counselling – psychotherapy with no success. Talk therapy cannot change any memory. I have challenged plenty of such therapists to change a memory with just talk therapy and they can’t. If you have a memory that is still bothering… Read More »