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Aftershock – A Love Story

Aftershock – A Love Story. In 2017 Cpl Luke Dallison was medically discharged from the RAF after serving in Afghanistan. He was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, alongside a traumatic back injury. After one too many suicide attempts, his wife Nikita, has done everything in her power to save the man she loves. Filmed over… Read More »

PTSD and Medical Marijuana by CBD with DB

In this segment of CBD with D.B., I go over my opinions of the use of cannabis for PTSD. I discuss both Marijuana and Hemp in regards to the various cannabinoids and how they can help. THCa, CBD, and THC are all discussed. Being a PTSD suffer myself, I have my opinions based on my… Read More »

5AM in Islington – PTSD, Why Black Men Don’t Talk, ‘I Was Just Hurt..’ Feat Wale Show

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"Healing After Trauma" – practice English with Spotlight

Liz Waid and Mike Procter look at how people can recover after extremely difficult events. Some people experience problems that become a mental disorder. http://spotlightenglish.com/listen/healing-after-trauma Download our app for Android at http://bit.ly/spotlight-android Download our app for iOS at http://bit.ly/spotlight-apple Are you learning English? Are you looking for a way to practice your English? Listen to… Read More »

Nate and Greg's World: PTSD

Things get serious when Nate and Greg discuss Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Greg discusses the subject from a personal point of view while Nate takes a more clinical approach. If you or someone that you know is dealing with mental health, please reach out to professional help. Mental Health/PTSD/Information and Help: Canadian Mental Health… Read More »

Gersh Kuntzman's PTSD Inducing Experience

I do not own this video. Haven’t been able to find it on YouTube so I’m sure a lot of other people also haven’t. If you own this video and would like it removed you can email me or comment with proof of ownership and I will gladly take the video down. Please leave feedback… Read More »

Trust Me season 2 What is PTSD Does Jamie McCain have PTSD

Trust Me season 2 What is PTSD Does Jamie McCain have PTSD Subscribe us to read more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC77RVLoYD4veiFQR7q2Kstg?sub_confirmation=1 Season two of Trust Me begins this evening (Tuesday, April 16) on BBC One at 9pm. The four-part drama has again been written by Dan Sefton, who penned the first series back in 2017 starring Jodie Whittaker… Read More »

Mask Off Accepting Anxiety, Depression & PTSD – Bradley Fleming ] Episode #3 Part 1

Whats up guys welcome back to The Harris Health And Mind Podcast. This week discussion is based around my guest Bradley Fleming’s personal experience with Anxiety, Depression and the affects mental health has not only on our physical being but also our internal wellbeing. The podcast once again is original and wanted to keep it… Read More »

How to get TDIU for PTSD in VA Compensation Cases

Watch as Veteran’s Lawyer Zach Evans describes the process of how to get TDIU for PTSD in VA Compensation Claims. TDIU refers to total disability individual unemployability. It is the same as if you were being paid out 100% disability for a particular condition. Meaning that you’re unable to follow a substantially gainful occupation due… Read More »

PTSD is a “Silent Epidemic.” Here’s How We End it. [Series Premiere]

Mental health is complicated and overwhelming – but MedCircle makes your next step an easy one. Click here for INSTANT access to this full series and other in-depth interviews: http://bit.ly/2HaH40x Over 70% of U.S. adults have experienced a traumatic event at least once in their lives. That’s over 220 million Americans. And 20 percent of… Read More »

SQUAD GIVES ME PTSD, INTESNSE soldier vs tanks vs enemy squad….

SQUAD GIVES ME PTSD, INTENSE soldier vs tanks vs enemy squad… I can only play this game for a short while. I have my headphones turned all the way up. You can’t even hear me yelling for help. The sounds in Squad are extremely loud and very intense. Just walking up on a hill, with… Read More »

The Freeze Response and Sexual Assault- How to turn it off!?

Many people have heard of the “Fight or Flight response” but fewer have heard of “The Freeze response” and for many people that just seems like a fancy word for doing nothing, but “The Freeze Response” is much, much more than inaction, it’s your brain’s most desperate attempt to survive in the face of an… Read More »

[free] ‘ptsd’ xangang + spookjamie + goyxrd + r&b type beat (Prod. Lincoln & DJ Biko)

Buy My Kit with EVERY SOUND YOU NEED $60 + 2 FLPs $40 just kit & presets email me: lincolnwhitby@gmail.com IG: @lincoln2k18 PAYPAL READY OR FOH free for listening/writing. steal this & i will get your whole soundcloud etc removed. traktrain: https://traktrain.com/lincoln2k18 lease: $30 EXCLUSIVE: $100 email: lincolnwhitby@gmail.com IG: @lincoln2k18 IGNORE: free summrs type beat… Read More »