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xTechSearch 5 Semifinalist Virtual Pitch: Neurovation Labs

Watch Neurovation Labs, xTechSearch 5 semifinalist, present their topic: Rapid Biomedical Diagnostic and Precision Treatment for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. This presentation was conducted virtually on March 3, 2021 to a panel of subject matter experts from the U.S. Army. Visit their website here: https://neurovationlabs.com/ xTechSearch is a prize competition sponsored by the Assistant Secretary of… Read More »

Are punitive rules forcing doctors to hide their mental health problems

Dr Mary Dinh, 31, described her medical training during the pandemic as a soul-crushing experience. She constantly feared that she would bring home the virus from lack of PPE, used one N95 mask until it disintegrated and saw 13 patients die in one day at her Pennsylvania hospital. Dinh felt hopeless seeing unprecedented death, her… Read More »

Low blood pressure ptsd medical ptsd is an often overlooked form of ptsd that shares sim

Low blood pressure ptsd medical ptsd is an often overlooked form of ptsd that shares sim · Medical PTSD is an often overlooked form of PTSD that shares similarities with Chronic PTSD. … I was sure I had dangerously low blood pressure and kept rechecking throughout the day. Physiological responses increase in heart rate, blood… Read More »

Alabama Senate approves medical marijuana bill

Alabama senators took only about 15 minutes this afternoon to pass a bill to regulate the production, sales and use of medical marijuana. The legislation would still have to pass the House of Representatives to become law. On a 21-8 vote, the Senate passed the bill by Sen. Tim Melson, R-Florence. It would allow doctors… Read More »

The Spectrum:Autism – Psychopath – Sociopath – Schizophrenia – PTSD – INFJ – Empath explained!

A quick guide to Antisocial Personality Disorders and Mental Illnesses. Including: Autism, Sociopath, Psychopath, INFJ, Empath, Schizophrenia and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Read the book free on Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/story/259693243-the-spectrum List to my other books: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rodnP6k_72sjsmcpLuRVtZVPI23EpGOx/view To get more free books, follow me on: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aonochie_vie/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/aonochie_vie Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsRrj02iALvtvlU1ktBfeUA?sub_confirmation=1 Make sure to subscribe and ring the… Read More »


#UmeedTalkSeries with Anusha Ali Watch Episode #3 Topic: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Ptsd) & Its Management Guest Speaker: Prof. Dr. Uzma Ali- Director of Institute of Clinical Psychology, UoK Vice President, Dr FZA Trust of Cli.Psy, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Certified practitioner of NLP (USA) & Certified Instructor of Hypnotherapy (NGH, USA). Episode#3 covered: *What is… Read More »

Dr. Charles Morgan – Psycho-Neurobiology, the Human Mind and Modern Warfare Strategy – *Unclassified

ORIGINAL FILE SOURCE: https://youtu.be/cTtIPBPSv0U This video content is shared strictly in the interest of education, public discussion and rigorous debate. It is the sole intellectual property of Dr. Charles A. Morgan and the West Point Military Academy. Dr. Charles Morgan speaks to cadets and faculty at West Point about a range of topics, including psychology,… Read More »

Quantum Medical Hypnosis on NOURISHDOCTOR

Quantum Medical Hypnosis (QMH) protocol for treating PTSD. Presenting this topic, we have Dr. Ezzat Moghazy – Doctor of Integrative Medicine, Clinical Hypnotherapist in the beautiful Denver, Colorado, USA. Specialized in managing Chronic Pain, PTSD, Relationships Stress, and Anxiety. The author of Quantum Medical Hypnosis™ (QMH) and the creator of Quantum Medical Hypnosis™ Treatment Protocol,… Read More »