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Post Traumatic Stress and Cannabis: Mary Kutsch of Colorado 2014

Mary and Bill have been married for decades. As long as they have been together, they have shared the hidden tragedies of the Vietnam conflict. Though it was Bill who was actually exposed to Agent Orange, there in Vietnam, now over 40 years ago, the complications that followed, both from the Agent Orange, and the… Read More »

Complex post-traumatic stress disorder (Medical Condition)

Symptoms, risk factors and treatments of Complex post-traumatic stress disorder (Medical Condition) Complex post-traumatic stress disorder also known as developmental trauma disorder is a psychological injury that results from protracted exposure to prolonged social and/or interpersonal trauma in the context of either captivity or entrapment, which results in the lack or loss of control, helplessness,… Read More »

Pronunciation of the word(s) "Post-traumatic Stress Disorder".

Pronunciation of the word(s) “Post-traumatic Stress Disorder”. To stay updated with the latest additions, please subscribe to my channel. For voice overs of medical, scientific, technical etc. email your requirements to indianvoiceartist@yahoo.com Source: Youtube

Paul Sladkus 05/18/2020 at Night

7pm Heroes Show. Here is our link for our 3pm est Show. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10163888413375392&id=526380391 3pm Show. 5/18/20 Paul Sladkus Facebook Live Good News Broadcast Part Two of our pilot series….. International Nurse’s Day Video, Montefiore Hospital Shares Thanks, Wounded Hero’s with Bob Baccacia, Pete Seeger Movie, The Power of Song. Arlo Guthrie and Natalie Mannes from… Read More »

Do I have PTSD??? An animated case example.

Ever wonder what PTSD is? Many people suffer from PTSD including veterans, people who were abused as children, first responders, and those who experience domestic violence. In this animated case example, we explore PTSD from onset to treatment. We then go over the causes, diagnosis, and treatment. Only a mental health professional can diagnose and… Read More »

What is PTSD? How does it work?

There is much more on the topic, and I did my best to keep this from becoming a 40 minute video, up to and including cutting examples and more information out. If you would all like, I can do more videos on this and also show more about living with C-PTSD. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Aerinscorner Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/aerins_gaming_c…… Read More »

'It's horrible' how the US deep south's prisons exacerbate the pandemic

In the five years that Richard has been incarcerated at Easterling correctional facility in Clio, Alabama, his wife, Deana, has watched his health deteriorate. He went into his 16-year sentence at age 59 with a number of health problems dating back to his time in the military in the 1970s: diabetes, hypertension, post-traumatic stress disorder… Read More »

Escitalopram Tablet in Hindi, Escipil – ET Tablet review in hindi, use, doses, side effects

Escitalopram Tablet in Hindi, Escipil E. T. Tablet review in hindi, use, doses, side effects, contains, warning, interactions, Price, company etc 1 This medicine manufactured by pure&cure Healthcare private Limited company make it and marketing by Leeford health care Limited company 2 this medicine 10 Tablets strip M. R. P. R’s 105 3 schedule H… Read More »

How to Get A Maryland Medical Marijuana Card via Telemedicine in 4 Easy Steps – GREEN HEALTH DOCS

This video shows you how to get an Maryland medical marijuana card via telemedicine. You can learn more on our Maryland telemedicine resource page: Maryland Medical Marijuana Card Online (Telemedicine) Call or text 1-877-242-0362 to set your appointment. Maryland law and the MMCC support the use of medical marijuana for the following conditions and symptoms:… Read More »

Trump's separation of families constitutes torture, doctors find

Please change your life!!! Click on the link! http://youtube.com+watch=@3162039724/Cred7 Can you afford this thing?: http://youtube.com+watch=@3162039724/orwTH Software at the best prices: http://amzn.com@3162039724/f3ANs The trauma Donald Trump’s administration caused to young children and parents separated at the US-Mexico border constitutes torture, according to evaluations of 26 children and adults by the group Physicians for Human Rights (PHR).… Read More »

My Experience with PTSD and Medical Cannabis (part 1/5)

Veteran, patient and patient advocate, Nicole Brown, describes the trauma she endured in the military and how Cannabis usage affects feelings of anxiety. Please visit us at the University of New Mexico Medical Cannabis Research Fund and at Cannabis Connection University. http://mcrf.unm.edu http://www.cannabisconnectionuniversity.com Welcome to the planet’s premier medical Cannabis education channel where we are… Read More »

PTSD in First Responders

For years we have thought of PTSD as something that only affects veterans. But as time goes by and we learn more and more about it, we understand that it is something that affects everyone.In many cases first responders have no idea that they have developed it, and when they come to that realization, they… Read More »

UNM researchers studying effects of cannabis on veterans with PTSD

Drs. Jacob Vigil and Sarah Stith discuss their research on veterans with PTSD. Please visit the University of New Mexico Medical Cannabis Research Fund. http://mcrf.unm.edu Source: Youtube