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“Be prepared to go into oblivion. But go willingly. You won’t go into oblivion. You are being bluffed by intense feeling.” – Doctor Claire Weekes This video takes a look at Dr. Weeks Acceptance method for nervous illness. Something I have found very helpful. It seems like the medical company largely turned their backs on… Read More »

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) | Dr. Ken Hopper | Top10MD

https://top10md.com/psychiatrists/dallas-psychiatrists/ken-hopper-md/ Is your doctor a Top10MD? Find out: http://www.Top10MD.com Dr. Ken Hopper is a board certified in psychiatry and neurology. Dr. Hopper and The Hopper Group welcome you to their practice. Having practiced Psychiatry throughout his twenty-five-year career, Dr. Hopper is pleased to provide his patients three convenient locations. Having a mental health issue can… Read More »

What I wish psychiatrists would consider. Bipolar, trauma, depression

I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and social anxiety disorder. For many years, before my diagnosis was changed to bipolar 1 disorder, I was diagnosed with treatment resistant depression. I am facing fears of being judged by making videos while vulnerable and affected by bipolar and PTSD despite being on… Read More »

Immediate relief from Anxiety-Depression-Stress and PTSD

http://attitudeshifting.com To obtain long term mastery over Anxiety, Depression, Stress and/or PTSD the feelings that are currently being dealt with, you have to assume the responsibility of addressing causes not symptoms by CHOOSING to change your ATTITUDE. To learn how you must renroll in this course..Attitude Shifting-The Course Source: Youtube

Overcoming Trauma & CPTSD with Ketamine: Jane’s Story [Ep 3]

Jane Farris, who is living with CPTSD, has overcome trauma, a traumatic brain injury, severe anxiety, chronic pain, and more. And the only thing that’s worked for her? Ketamine. This is Jane’s story. Learn more about the What’s Working show at https://www.whatsworkingshow.com. Jane Farris has overcome trauma and is living with CPTSD, a traumatic brain… Read More »

Let's Talk: Mental Illness (BPD, PTSD, Trauma, Addiction, Meds, Connection…. & More)

Link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/loricaplan?sub_confirmation=1 . LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you want more videos like this and more of the cool stuff i like to do 😉 Let’s de-stigmatize mental illness and realize we’re all so much more connected than we think!! Love you!! . . This is my 1-hour livestream on Instagram on June… Read More »

#MentalHealth #PTSD #Autism Who Am I?

Who am I? Let me introduce you to me! I’ve realised I’ve not actually sat down + told you about myself + why I am passionate about mental health. So here it goes! Add me on twitter:  Https://www.twitter.com/josephine_kk   FAIR USE: Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair… Read More »

CBD Oil for Anxiety and Panic Attacks – CBD for Stress, Anxiety, PTSD and Panic Attacks

CBD Oil for Anxiety and Panic Attacks – Faster relief is often important and critical for those using CBD oil for anxiety and panic attacks Using CBD Oil for Anxiety: Does It Work? Buy CBD Oil for Anxiety Online · CBD Oil for Anxiety Side Effects · CBD Oil for Anxiety Treatment · The best… Read More »