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PTSD Coping Tools – Mental Health Video

Hey Y’all! I am super happy to have finally made this video. FIRST, please don’t flame me for my excessive use of the words “uhm” or “kind of” LOL. Yuh girl is still really nervous in front of a camera. Second, THANK YOU GUYS FOR WATCHING. I really do hope these tools come in handy… Read More »

Just waking up? PTSD for veterans – Who are you without the uniform?

Are you a veterans with PTSD looking for new perspectives and ways to cope with your condition? If so, I’m putting this information out there in a video series to offer tips, new ways of looking at things and some of the things I did to help myself with the intention of helping you. Source:… Read More »

Just waking up? PTSD for veterans – Robert Greene

Are you a military veteran, public servant, fire fighter, aid worker or person with PTSD? If so, I’m making a video series about how to understand PTSD from a holistic perspective and will create follow on videos to give you tips on how to find health means to deal with yourself. Source: Youtube

Yoga Nidra for Trauma and PTSD

This short practice focuses on the breath and the body only and stays out of the mind, which can be a dangerous neighborhood for those suffering from PTSD and trauma related injuries. Use this practice daily or on those evenings you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Source: Youtube

How to use Grounding Techniques | STAY IN PRESENT | Jazzthebossbabe

dear jazzhearts, Grounding is a practice that can help you pull away from flashbacks, unwanted memories, and negative or challenging emotions. These techniques may help distract you from what you’re experiencing and refocus on what’s happening in the present moment. You can use grounding techniques to help create space from distressing feelings in nearly any… Read More »

Relaxing Sounds & Images – Mood Calming Music, Dark Screen, Great for Background noise!

Relaxing Sounds & Images – Mood Calming Music, Dark Screen, Great for Background noise! Good Reasons to listen: Studies show: Playing ‘natural sounds’ affects the bodily systems that control the flight-or-fright and rest-digest autonomic nervous systems, with associated effects in the resting activity of the brain, new research shows. When listening to natural sounds, the… Read More »

Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation | 20 Minute Guided Meditation & Hypnosis

Yoga Nidra is a profound yet simple technique which has its roots in the traditional tantric practice of nyasa. Yoga nidra practice though resembles meditation or hypnosis on the surface, is very different from it. In Yoga nidra one doesn’t lose the awareness throughout the practice if done right. Yoga nidra has many benefits such… Read More »

Sacred Healing Chant -Release Stress & PTSD

I just created a sacred harmonic healing chant for the releasing and settling of old beliefs, patterns and relationships no longer serving you. This is a powerful harmonic track to help assist you.  I help people & animals cope with stress & trauma using sonic relaxation. Sound can reach where language cannot!  If you know… Read More »

PTSD And Nightmares: The Unconscious Integration Of Trauma

You can find and subscribe to this podcast and all other Mind Mate podcasts in audio form via audio platforms including iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher etc. Keep up to date with what’s happening in my world through Instagram @tom.ahern or via my Facebook page /tom.ahern.life Additionally, you can download a copy of my book ‘Yes… Read More »