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#55 – Connie Boglis – Losing your veteran partner to PTSD & suicide

This week we meet Connie Boglis- Counsellor & Author, as she Opens Up about the struggle her partner Jessefaced, as a veteran who returned with PTSD. Connie also Opens Up about Jesses passing, how she’s helping change procedures for veteran care, and how her new childrens book “Once Upon a Feeling”, helped her heal from… Read More »

#37 – Corey Gaidzionis – PTSD from holding a friend as they passed away in your arms

In this episode we meet Corey Gaidzionis as he Opens Up about the most traumatic moment of his life, holding a friend and work colleague as they passed away. Corey also Opens Up about how this event impacted his life moving forward, as well as what he’s learnt and implemented as a result of it,… Read More »

Hearing voices #schizophrenia #mentalhealth

It was world Mental Health Awareness Day yesterday, so I thought I would do a Double Taboo video… Hearing voices and suicide… Have you ever heard voices? #schizophrenia #mpd #anxiety #stress #depression #mentalhealthawareness #OCD #PTSD Source: Youtube


Attention, they deleted my YouTube channel without warning, now I’m in Dtube, you can follow me here: https://d.tube/#!/c/therapymusic trauma,traumatic,emotional healing,soul,subliminal messages,meditation,subliminal meditation,relaxing music,hypnosis,cleansing,trauma recovery,let go,letting go,abuse,harmony,ptsd,positive living,inner peace,live in harmony,hope,happiness,healing meditation,law of attraction,subconscious,subconscious mind,faith,healing session,inspiration,light,enlightened,truth,unity,inner self,self help,self hypnosis,deep breathing,relaxation,traumatic experience heal emotional wounds,binaural beats,past trauma,emotional healing,meditation,let go of the past,trauma recovery,trauma,healing meditation,harmony,ptsd,childhood trauma,inner peace,heal past… Read More »

Story Time: How Meditation Healed My Chronic Illnesses and PTSD | My Meditation Story

Here, I am sharing the story of how I believe I was healed of my chronic illnesses (lupus, heart failure, PTSD, and more) through meditation. During my spiritual awakening, my spirit guides instructed me to meditate and here I share the story of what happened because of it. ———————————————————— Hi! These are my favorite meditation… Read More »

Solfeggio 417Hz Frequency – Release Past Trauma (PTSD) w Music

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~ Nikola Tesla Solfeggio Frequency 417 Hz Along with many other attributes the frequency 417Hz is linked with releasing past traumatic and/or negative experiences. It helps facilitate change within the “Mind-Body”, on a cellular level, where our… Read More »

Rain With Tibetan Singing Bowl For Meditation, PTSD And Anxiety

EN – Rain with Tibetan singing bowl sounds for meditation, PTSD and anxiety. Struck bowls are used in some Buddhist religious practices to accompany periods of meditation and chanting. Singing bowls are widely used for music making, meditation and relaxation, as well for personal spirituality. They have become popular with music therapists, sound healers and… Read More »

Guided Meditiation with Dan Siegel (Wheel of Awareness)

A guided mindfulness meditation called the wheel of awareness with Dr. Dan Siegel. “Mindfulness has never met a cognition it didn’t like” “Mindfulness in its most general sense is about waking up from a life on automatic, and being sensitive to novelty in our everyday experiences. With mindful awareness the flow of energy and information… Read More »

Reduction of PTSD Symptoms in Veterans with Transcendental Meditation

http://www.davidlynchfoundation.org/ Since 2005 the David Lynch Foundation has shared Transcendental Meditation with our most stressed populations. If you are inspired by this video please make a donation using the Donate button on the right. The David Lynch Foundation runs entirely on donations and there is a long list of schools and organizations eager to participate.… Read More »

Yogic Breathing To Attain Peace and Calmness In Every Situation.

In this video, I am talking about how to calm the nervous system, and decrease the body’s stress response with the belly breathing exercise. Belly breathing is also known as Diaphragmatic breathing and is a natural way of breathing. If you see an infant breathing, you will notice that their belly expands (rise-up) when they… Read More »

61 Points of Light Audiobook by Loretta Siani

Get you started to listen to the full audiobook 61 Points of Light, free at our library. The 61 Points of Light: Yoga Nidra is a meditation exercise. Yoga Nidra is a sleep-like state that Yogis have reported to experience while meditating. It is said to be one of the deepest possible states of relaxation… Read More »