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A Day In The Life I Productive Cannabis Documentary I Mental Health Documentary I PTSD Documentary

Thank you all for tuning in to A Day In The Life / My Productive Cannabis Documentary / Mental Health Documentary where I take you through the skeleton bones version of my day and how I manage my life using cannabis throughout it. . If you guys enjoy this one, I will do a more… Read More »

Is MDMA an Effective Treatment for PTSD? Let's Debate:)

MDMA. Molly. Empathy. All sorts of other curse (cuss) words. In a world where entire family and societal systems accept prescription drug addiction, alcoholism, abuse, neglect, etc. over science it’s time we had an open discussion on serotonin and its impact on clarity and healing. MDMA, a known psychoactive drug that is most often used… Read More »

Veteran Writes Children's Book About PTSD | Brut

Subscribe to Brut America: https://bit.ly/BrutAmericaYT Struggling to find a way to explain his own post-traumatic stress disorder to his daughter, Veteran Seth Kastle decided to write a children’s book to illustrate the struggles he faces everyday. Now, Kastle’s book is a frequent find in military families’ homes. Kastle spent 16 years in the Army Reserve,… Read More »

Mental Health Discussion Panel

Come on in and discuss mental health and the effects it has on you and others around you #GoodMentalHealth THINGS DISCUSSED IN THIS LIVE ADDICTIONS If you or anyone you know suffers from a addiction of any kind and would like help to break out of the habit then please do contact the local authorities… Read More »

Trickster Mind: A Poet’s Journey with Mental Disorder with Meghna Prakash

StoriesAsia Launches a Series on People’s Journeys with Mental Illness (Part 2) Trickster Mind: A Poet’s Journey with Mental Disorder with Meghna Prakash At least 150 million people in India are living with a psychological disorder, according to the latest figures by the country’s National Mental Health Survey. The actual number is estimated to be much… Read More »