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Ep#6 | Nick Pottorff: PTSD, Substance Abuse & Suicide Prevention

Nick shares his journey from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office to the Marin County Sheriff’s Office. He discusses his medical retirement and drug addiction, as well as PTSD and past suicidal intentions. He now teaches mental health awareness and suicide prevention. njpottorff@gmail.com Source: Youtube

How adaptive climbing helps veterans fight PTSD

In 2017, the VA funded adaptive sports programs in every state. In Colorado, veterans address post-traumatic stress disorder through rock climbing. Learn more about this story at https://www.newsy.com/86167/ Find more videos like this at https://www.newsy.com Follow Newsy on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/newsyvideos Follow Newsy on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/newsy Source: Youtube

What is Inner Child Work? Why Should We Do It?

Usually when someone is talking about inner child work, they are mentioning in reference to trauma work. Traditionally it was believed that we will need to reconnect with our younger self (at the time the trauma happened) and heal ourselves at that age/time. Hence the term, “doing inner child work” meaning that when we act… Read More »

Harnessing Virtual Reality to Improve Behavioral and Physical Health Care

Virtual reality legend Dr. Walter Greenleaf believes VR technology will transform health care. An internationally recognized research neuroscientist and medical product developer working at Stanford University, he addresses the use of VR to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, traumatic brain injury, addictions, autism, cognitive decline and other difficult problems in behavioral and physical medicine.… Read More »

what having a ptsd flashback looks like.

what having a ptsd flashback looks like (also mini update on my life) i only have this footage because it happened while I was filming other videos in this video I’m showing you openly what it is like living with ptsd, and what flashbacks look like to me, let me point out that things impact… Read More »

Grounding Exercise: Straighten the Back

In this Grounding Activity we explore how we carry ourselves affects our emotional state. This can help with PTSD, Anxiety, Shame and improving our emotional state in general. Check out my Udemy Course “Change Your Brain: 10 alternatives to medication to improve mental health” https://www.udemy.com/share/1006B2A0sSeFtXTX4=/ 90% off code :THERAPYNUT Source: Youtube

APA’s New Book: Written Exposure Therapy for PTSD

Watch a short video to learn more about Dr. Slone and Dr. Marx’s new book, Written Exposure Therapy for PTSD. Written Exposure Therapy is an effective PTSD treatment that is easier to implement, more affordable, and has lower dropout rates than other trauma interventions. In this unique approach, the client writes about a single traumatic… Read More »

An Army journalist takes on her PTSD

After being diagnosed with several medical conditions, Amber also developed PTSD. She reached out for help and now has a new lease on life. ——— Learn more about PTSD: https://maketheconnection.net/conditions/ptsd Find out more about Make the Connection: https://maketheconnection.net/what-is-mtc See what’s new on MakeTheConnection.net: https://maketheconnection.net/whats-new Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/veteransmtc “Like” us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/veteransmtc… Read More »

Ecstatic states: treating PTSD with MDMA

Bob, a Vietnam vet struggling with PTSD for many years, was desperate for relief. When a number of his vet friends committed suicide, he knew he could be next. Then he saw a CNN report on the successes of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy in PTSD treatment. After being rejected from participation in the clinical trials conducted by… Read More »

Generational Silence: Don’t Keep Your Mouth Shut About Abuse | HealthyPlace

Generational silence about child abuse in your family isn’t something you have to keep quiet about. Don’t let anyone tell you to stop talking about it. Get more info at https://www.healthyplace.com/blogs/traumaptsdblog/2018/12/generational-silence-contributes-to-complex-ptsd, ‘Generational Silence Contributes to Complex PTSD’ ▷ Subscribe to the HealthyPlace YouTube Channel at http://bit.ly/2I4o7bH ▷ Visit http://HealthyPlace.com for Trusted Mental Health Information Generational… Read More »