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How PTS and PTSD Differ Part 1

Many times post-traumatic stress and post-traumatic stress disorder are used interchangeably. Though they have overlapping symptoms, they are two different conditions. Both conditions are associated with feeling afraid, nervous, avoiding activity or places that are a remembrance of a traumatic event, and nightmares. The difference becomes significant with the intensity of the symptoms, the duration,… Read More »

It's been rough

Why I haven’t made videos, vlog style. Youtube Resources for mental health: Lisa A Romano: https://www.youtube.com/user/lisaaromano1 Ollie Mathews: https://www.youtube.com/user/mattshsq Sam from Narcissism Survivor: https://www.youtube.com/user/NarcissimSurvivor Kati Morton: https://www.youtube.com/user/KatiMorton Discord Servers: CPTSD: https://discord.gg/YE2eN6K Triggered Care: https://discord.gg/EbMxBy Facebook Trigger Care: https://facebook.com/triggeredcare/ Email: ptsdcentral101@gmail.com Source: Youtube

Stop Apologizing for Having Skin

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Self-diagnosing PTSD? Watch this!

Should I self-diagnose after trauma? There are two aspects to consider about self-diagnosis. 1. Learning about symptoms can be a good thing. People who are trying to understand their own symptoms and what is happening to them can be a starting point to getting the right help. Nowadays, consumers of Mental Health services are becoming… Read More »

Mental Health Clinic Calls Police On PTSD Survivor For NOT Recording NO ARREST QuietBoyMusik

Mental Health Clinic Calls Police On PTSD Survivor For NOT Recording NO ARREST QuietBoyMusik I have an anxiety attack in the hospital @13:32 My YouTube Live video after police are called @16:35 My YouTube Live video comes back again @39:00 Slavery/African American history @1:03:55 I reach hospital police/security @1:09:5 *I’m so traumatized by this. Source:… Read More »

Overcome Triggers and Transform Your Life

Overcome Triggers and Transform Your Life! This Video is a general framework for understanding how to overcome triggers so you can Transform your Life!! Don’t let Triggering control your life! Understanding Triggers is HUGE! If you don’t understand triggering you are controlled by it! If you want balance in life, if you want to enhance… Read More »

EMPATHS & KNOWING | Mental Health Black Community | Bipolar BPD | Depression | PTSD | Anxiety

+ Wearing: ISET STYLE Faux Fur Collar https://www.facebook.com/IsetStyle/ *I am not a licensed medical practitioner* I am an Empath discussing Mental Health in the Black Community in context for Infinite others who Know there is more to the surface. http://joydegruy.com/ Dr. Joy DeGruy wrote her book based on her research of the Effects of Slavery… Read More »

Mum of soldier with PTSD makes an emotional plea for more veterans support | ITV News

The mother of a Special Forces veteran who took his life last year after suffering PTSD has made an emotional plea to the government to give soldiers “the help that they need”. Danny Johnston served in Afghanistan as an infantryman and then in the Special Forces. When he left the army, Mr Johnston suffered deep… Read More »

4 Major Causes of Mental Illness

Mental illness is an illness of the brain, of which exact cause is unknown yet. RECOMMENDED BOOK: The Other Side of Sadness – https://amzn.to/2U4GZgK What the New Science of Bereavement Tells Us About Life After Loss – {This is Amazon affiliate link, it costs you nothing extra, but it helps me run the channel} The… Read More »

The Brutal Ways PTSD Impacts Relationships

Psychotherapists, Charlie and Arienne of SexBecause.com briefly examine the toll PTSD can take on relationships and the fact that Sex and Intimacy can seem difficult for the survivor. If you or someone you know struggles with PTSD, take a look at this video to gain insight into why the one thing that heals us the… Read More »