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PTSD in Children Growing Up and Its Influences on Adult Life

http://www.amazon.com/PTSD-Children-Growing-Influences-Adult/dp/1514158256 for the print book and https://www.amazon.com/PTSD-Children-Growing-Influences-Adult-ebook/dp/B00KXG0EHA for the Kindle version. I wrote this book in remembrance of the children who suffer from PTSD and who have lost their lives to PTSD. Children are very much at risk of developing post traumatic stress disorder from a number of sources such as child abuse of a… Read More »

What is PTSD?

Dr. Harry Croft gives an In-depth explanation of what PTSD is to the sufferer plus its causes and symptoms. Watch to learn more about PTSD. Visit http://www.HealthyPlace.com for Trusted Mental Health Information What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? | http://ow.ly/N4eiS PTSD Test: Do I Have PTSD? | http://ow.ly/N4elc Anxiety, Anxiety Disorders: Treatment Professionals Playlist |… Read More »

How to overcome PTSD triggers! Mental Health with Kati Morton – POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER

Recovery from PTSD can be hard, but know that it’s possible! Today I talk about how to overcome some of the triggers we may encounter after a trauma and/or when we are struggling with PTSD. I was asked below my last video about the WHY. Why do we want to try out these tools or… Read More »