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Chatter with Umatter Ep 1 PTSD

Interns Brandon Cross and Eli Lacayo talk in our first ever Umatter Podcast about PTSD and their experiences. PTSD can come in many forms and can be caused by a range of traumatic events. Cross and Eli share their stories, and hope to spread awareness. Source: Youtube

Journaling Done right for the Mentally Ill ( dissociation, ptsd, mental health, etc.)

In this video Amy Laurel tells you the top 5 ways to use journaling for either mental health or just personal use! Get your life more organized with this brief video! You can learn more about me, my backstory, and why I am the right person to tackle this topic at my website http://www.AmyLaurel.com US… Read More »

Elizabeth Brico Welcomes You to Trauma! A PTSD Blog

Elizabeth Brico developed PTSD from living in domestic violence. She looks forward to talking about her experience with PTSD recovery. Watch. Visit http://www.HealthyPlace.com for Trusted Mental Health Information Introduction to Elizabeth Brico, Author of ‘Trauma! A PTSD Blog’ | https://goo.gl/T1Tzyj Trauma! A PTSD Blog | http://goo.gl/fVaWdp PTSD Playlist | https://goo.gl/0fLvz2 Anxiety Disorders Playlist | https://goo.gl/27Z9kG… Read More »

Psychiatric Illness – Mental Illness – Signs Symptoms & Treatment – Kelkar Hospital

Psychiatric Illness – Mental Illness – Signs Symptoms & Treatment – Kelkar Hospital Mental disorder Also called: mental illness A wide range of conditions that affect mood, thinking and behaviour. Most common types Clinical depression A mental health disorder characterised by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily… Read More »

TED TALKS | War and Peace | Sebastian Junger on PTSD | PBS

In this excerpt from TED Talks: War and Peace, journalist Sebastian Junger, after spending years reporting from war zones, talks about how treatment for soldiers returning home with PTSD is not just a reflection on their own mental health but on our society as a whole. The question is not, “can we save the vets,”… Read More »

Mask Off Accepting Anxiety, Depression & PTSD – Bradley Fleming ] Episode #3 Part 1

Whats up guys welcome back to The Harris Health And Mind Podcast. This week discussion is based around my guest Bradley Fleming’s personal experience with Anxiety, Depression and the affects mental health has not only on our physical being but also our internal wellbeing. The podcast once again is original and wanted to keep it… Read More »