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Traumatised By A Psychiatrist | Part 2

This is what state the psychiatrist had left me in yesterday. This is the raw footage that I have from yesterday. At this point it was after the big breakdown that had, but I was still going through a paranoid and dissociative episode. I debated on whether I wanted to post this or not, but… Read More »

Sex After Trauma (Talk About PTSD in Sexual Relationships)

Having sex after a trauma, especially a sexual trauma, can lead to confusing feelings and seemingly irrational fluctuations in sexual desire. Explaining that to your partner is important, says Tia Hollowood. Learn more about sex after trauma. Watch. Visit http://HealthyPlace.com for Trusted Mental Health Information How can PTSD impact your sex drive in long-term relationships?… Read More »

Moving On From Narcissistic Abuse

Cut yourself a break, know in your heart that you are not the problem, and trust that there is life after narcissistic abuse. http://www.paypal.me/kimwilsontv Thank you for your donations to our channels PayPal Acct. Source: Youtube

Let's Talk About PTSD! – with guest star Andrew

*CONTENT WARNING* THIS VIDEO CONTAINS EXTENSIVE DISCUSSION ABOUT PTSD, DEPRESSION, AND SUICIDE, WITH BRIEF MENTIONS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT AND TRAUMATIC SITUATIONS Hey guys, strap in for a long one! I brought in a guest to speak all about mental health, PTSD, and suicide. Andrew is very knowledgeable and I’m so glad he agreed to sit… Read More »

Phyllis Rittner Shares Her Story of PTSD- This Is My Brave Boston 2017

This Is My Brave – the Show” – October 6, 2017 Boston, MA performance – bringing mental illness and mental health into the spotlight through creative expression live on stage. {http://thisismybrave.org} In this video, Phyllis Rittner shares the story of her childhood and living with PTSD and depression. National sponsor: Alkermes {http://alkermes.com} National sponsor: Talkspace… Read More »

Dr. Chat| PTSD with Dr. Kakar

Our very own, Dr. Kakar, talk about PTSD, of an observational study for those that may suffer from previous trauma. Segal Trials is currently enrolling a PTSD study. If you would like to know more inforstudies/mation about these studies, please call us today at 1-877-734- 2588 or visit us online at https://www.segaltrials.com/enrolling- Source: Youtube

A Couple Healing from C-PTSD.

Complexities Podcast discusses healing trauma from the perspective of a wife with CPTSD and a husband who is “normal”. Our goal is to help people break free from the abusive cycles in their lives and in their minds. New episodes airing every Friday! Source: Youtube

Why I was Diagnosed with PTSD

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PTSD Part 2

There were a lot of great responses to yesterday’s #Landsblog about PTSD. Make sure you check that out if you missed it. The point was that you don’t have to be a first responder to suffer from PTSD. Let’s keep this conversation going. Do you have a story to share? www.SickNotWeak.com Source: Youtube