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What are the types of mental disorders?

What are the types of mental disorders? Often, it’s easier to understand what mental health is by contrasting it with what it means when somebody is not mentally healthy. The opposite of mental health is mental illness or mental health disorder. This refers to a wide range of conditions that impact a person’s subjective well-being,… Read More »

My Life With Multiple Mental Disorders | Strangers In My Head | Mental Health

Jess is a passionate pursuer of the arts. She is a creative director and founder of a visual arts studio. She is a freelance hand poke tattoo artist and a co-partner of a vintage wear online retail site. Jess is also managing co-morbid mental health issues and she has chosen to confront the stigma, rather… Read More »

Part3 Healing in Real Time Vlog: Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD

Hi Friends! This was taken after my 4th Ketamine Infusion. (4x in 2 weeks is the amount for the foundation period. Then they can evaluate if it works for you). I’m really realizing I need an Integration Coach for all this alongside of regular therapy. The podcast I mention is called The Plant Medicine Podcast:… Read More »

Dr. Lauren N. Penn discusses Bipolar, misdiagnosis and PTSD

Welcome to Resilient Minds 365 where we let you know that you can strive, thrive, and live a life of abundance despite your illness. In this episode, Cleoni Crawford interviews Dr. Lauren N. Penn. Dr. Lauren N Penn is a chiropractor, inspirational speaker, health practitioner, and a charismatic & impactful community leader who is building… Read More »

Understanding PTSD and Post Traumatic Growth with Taryn Greene | My Niche is Human Podcast

Breaking down the concept of Trauma and how it relates to PTSD and Post Traumatic Growth. Get a better understanding of how trauma stokes the natural process of growth and reflection. Check out the show notes and list of resources at https://stevenfage.com/podcast/episode/understanding-ptsd-and-post-traumatic-growth/ Music: See the Light by Evgeny Bardyuzha Source: Youtube