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My #ptsd Story #forgive #heal and be #free from #past Wounds #emotionsStability #Starting a new Life

This is my Story. How I survived from past hurts and how I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Syndrome. How I got healed and How I am living my life now. Lessons I learned from that to inspire and encourage others. Talk about Emotional and Mental Health Awareness to sensitive the Youth and Adults on… Read More »

Mental Health for creative souls – Why this is super relevant (1/3)

One of the topics closest to my heart is “Mental Health and Mental Wellbeing for artists.” Every time an outstanding artist dies at a young age, it shocks me deeply. How much suffering could have been spared him and his environment? What other wonderful things could such a person have brought into the world if… Read More »

Mental Disorder After Corona Infection | Sign & Symptoms | Treatment

Welcome to our Official youtube channel”Lifescape”. With the beginning of 2021, recovery rate of covid-19 patients reach more than 98%. but many patients facing mental trauma after recovered from corona infection. This video will give information for all difficulties about post traumatic stress disorders and at last highlighted solutions for the same. Subscribe our youtube… Read More »

#53 Dr. Patricia Resick on Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD in Twelve Sessions

Dr. Patricia Resick is a Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Duke University Medical Center. Dr. Resick’s specialty is in understanding and treating the effects of traumatic events, particularly Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. In 1988, she developed Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD, a brief evidence-based treatment and has overseen multiple clinical trials. CPT is considered… Read More »

Episode 18 Does My Child Have PTSD

Source: https://www.spreaker.com/user/mipphelpandheal/jolene-philo-full-episode-18-does-my-chi_1 Author Philo shares the remarkable story of her son’s 26 years of suffering and the relief from “mental anguish” he found in one week after being diagnosed with PTSD. Philo’s son, Allen, first experienced breathing difficulties immediately following birth; by age four he had undergone five surgeries. At six months—though medical professionals repeatedly… Read More »

The Fire Within Ch 22 Grandma, boogers and a sleigh ride #CPTSD #Borderline #Bipolar #Psychology

In this video, I continue reading my book The Fire Within that I wrote while living in a tiny house in the woods. This book is about childhood trauma. Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Source: Youtube