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PTSD and Trauma

Trauma and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) The overwhelming, continual and repetitive FEAR associated with experienced TRAUMA can lead to PTSD from a VERY young age… and it is VERY treatable. What makes something traumatic in a clinical sense? Trauma is when a system (our human body/mind system) is overwhelmed and can’t process the… Read More »

Greg Swaine | LIR on PTSD & Workplace Mental Health

On this episode: Greg Swaine, a mental health advocate working on organizational mental health programs, comes on Life in Red to tell his story on witnessing an accident that lead to years of mental health issues, with an eventual PTSD diagnosis. This inspired him to lead a project transforming his workplace’s mental health programs, which… Read More »


Please never forget that you have value in this world and that you are capable of things far greater than you could ever imagine. From one broken stranger to another – hang in there. ❤️ https://iocdf.org – International OCD Foundation http://ptsdusa.org – PTSD Foundation of America https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org – Suicide Prevention Lifeline https://www.adaa.org/finding-help/treatment/low-cost-treatment – Anxiety &… Read More »


What up Jgirl’s Beauties! We were in the process of adopting a young teen and I found out I have PTSD because of the trauma I endured as a child growing up, I’m sorry this is a long one but I had to make sure I put as much info in this video. I will… Read More »

Since We Telling The Truth | Mental Health, PTSD, Fatherhood, All Millennial's Aren't dumb & More!

I just wanted to vent but also change the content also. a lot of people especially young people like myself go through these same situations. tell me what you think playa lol.. #MentalHealth #Fatherhood #PTSD Source: Youtube

living with complex ptsd

Mental health advocate @billypharding takes us through his battle with complex ptsd, introduces his help group Warriors Stand United and explains some of his coping strategies. A really honest and helpful talk. Please comment like and share if you find this video helpful/informative and help to raise awareness on this condition which effects a lot… Read More »

WOUNDS/Emotional Triggers/Faultlines: Quantum Healing Complex PTSD

Let’s talk – Quantum Healing & Selfmastery utilizing SelfLove, SelfCare, SelfAwareness, Holistic Health, Consciousness, Astrotheology, Metaphysics, & Spirituality from a space of healing Complex-PTSD – Lets Dive Deep! Emotions are the byproduct of past experiences, and emotional ‘triggers’ aka FAULTLINES awaken the heart by showing us where we are still wounded. If your emotions are… Read More »

How to deal with PTSD, nutrition & medical advice & lots more

http://www.chrissybshow.tv 14.10.19 – EP041 We hear the story of Anisha Gangotra who was involved in a severe car accident that affected her both physically and mentally. One of the things that affected Anisha after the accident was PTSD so Dr Audrey Tang our Psychologist explains this condition. News Correspondent Helena Chard brings your positive reports… Read More »

PTSD-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Hi Guys I hope you find this video helpful. It’s short and brief about PTSD. Apologies for the voice overmy dyslexia really comes through. Let me know how you find and if you would like more videos. I will be uploading more so watch this space. Find me on; Instagram @Trauma_Therapist_EMDR Twitter @MerumTherapist www.purplecloudtherapy.com Source:… Read More »

Life Update: Depression | PTSD | Mental Health

This video explains where I’ve been and what’s been going on with me lately, feel free to share your experiences in the comments below and thanks for watching. My Upload Day’s: ~Monday @2pm MST ~Wednesday @2pm MST ~Friday @2pm MST My Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/carolyn.love.yt My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carolyn_lovee/ My Twitter: Tweets by carolyn_yt Source: Youtube