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Greg Swaine | LIR on PTSD & Workplace Mental Health

On this episode: Greg Swaine, a mental health advocate working on organizational mental health programs, comes on Life in Red to tell his story on witnessing an accident that lead to years of mental health issues, with an eventual PTSD diagnosis. This inspired him to lead a project transforming his workplace’s mental health programs, which… Read More »


Please never forget that you have value in this world and that you are capable of things far greater than you could ever imagine. From one broken stranger to another – hang in there. ❤️ https://iocdf.org – International OCD Foundation http://ptsdusa.org – PTSD Foundation of America https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org – Suicide Prevention Lifeline https://www.adaa.org/finding-help/treatment/low-cost-treatment – Anxiety &… Read More »

How to deal with PTSD, nutrition & medical advice & lots more

http://www.chrissybshow.tv 14.10.19 – EP041 We hear the story of Anisha Gangotra who was involved in a severe car accident that affected her both physically and mentally. One of the things that affected Anisha after the accident was PTSD so Dr Audrey Tang our Psychologist explains this condition. News Correspondent Helena Chard brings your positive reports… Read More »

Michael Dixon | LIR on Depression, PTSD and Support Groups

On this episode: Michael Dixon, President of the Canadian Funeral Peer Support, Canada’s first initiative to support funeral workers mental health, joins us to share his story of abuse, depression, the toll life in funeral services can take and why he decided to start the group. You can get more information on the funeral peer… Read More »