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#Tweaker Recovery 7 Months #Meth Free! Hysterectomy Recovery, PTSD Days, & Passionate Kisser Needed

THANK YOU to all of you for being a part of my #journey. Remember that #TweakersCANRecover but you do not have to stop using to be worthy of #love you were born #worthy IF YOU ARE USING IN AN ADDICTION CLOSET YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Please reach out if you need a friend or you… Read More »

NH Town and Walmart Downplay Santa (Comedian Juston McKinney) Annual Year-In-Review show-2019

New England comedian Juston McKinney at his ANNUAL “Last Laugh- A Year in Review” 2019. A short clip looking back at 2019, from the town of Durham, NH, Walmart, Buxton, ME to South Dakota! Photos courtesy of Boston Globe, Seacoast Online and Facebook Source: Youtube

On safe drug usage and the benefits of legalisation

Take a shot every time I say the word drugs. DISCLAIMER: I am not advocating for drug usage in any way, this video is purely educational. I am very vocal about the benefits of safe drug usage and drug legalisation so I have made a video about it. Here are some useful links about things… Read More »

1448 How To Heal Major PTSD Trauma | Neuroscience Of Laughter | Testimonial

Kowie talks about how she healed three major PTSD trauma memories using laughter! Get started with the FREE 7 Day Quick start course @http://bit.ly/2mVFQJc Attend a live FasterEFT™ seminar @https://fastereft.com/events/ How to do the Basic Faster EFT Tap @http://bit.ly/2pMAUaK We have the most comprehensive list of articles on FasterEFT™ available right here: http://bit.ly/2E20Nsf Programs for… Read More »