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Tribute to US Soldiers who come home with PTSD

Just a video I made while getting treatment for PTSD. As I cannot descripe, to my loved ones, how I feel inside I wanted to share this and give an idea of what we go through. To all of the US vets out there, you are not alone and people just want to help. Thank… Read More »

A war within: The battle against PTSD and veteran suicide

Sgt. Brandon Ketchum, a combat veteran, was desperately fighting the self-destructive urges pulsing through his generation of men and women who served in Iraq and Afghanistan when he arrived at the VA hospital in Iowa looking for help. Source: Youtube

PTSD Foundation of America 2 minute Long Version

A 2:00 PSA created to raise awareness for the PTSDUSA.ORG foundation. Veterans helping Veterans. Production Company: Mad Toy Box Productions DP: Chris Stevens Producer/ Coordinator: Valerie Bobo Makeup: Meghan Jones Makeup Asst: Meredith McIntyre Voiceover Artist: Dustin Leighton Veteran: Clif Helner Wife: Lisa Higgins Baby: Abigail Stackenwalt Soldiers: Wyatt Pena and Michael Shelton Source: Youtube

Jesus & The Robot – At The End Of The Day (The PTSD Song)

Moral Injury: Songs For Children (2010) At The End Of The Day (The PTSD Song) It’s been five years since I’ve came back from, came back from Iraq and nearly three since our last album was pulled out of a hat. Not much has changed except incidents and medication and medication. I spent much of… Read More »

Psychotherapy for Chronic PTSD Video

Watch the full video at: http://www.psychotherapy.net/video/ptsd Watch PTSD expert, Frank Ochberg, MD, works with his actual client Terry, a Vietnam veteran who suffered from PTSD for 40 years using The Counting Method. Source: Youtube

About: The Tales of the Golden Acorn (CC)

Somewhere between myth and reality exists the Tales of the Golden Acorn. This multi-part animated series follows a squirrel family as they journey through a story of love, loss, trauma, and healing. Designed for children ages 6 and older. The Tales of the Golden Acorn are a series of freely accessible animated short films being… Read More »

BSW-Closing the Door to Suicide-Helping Navy Seals and Their Families with PTSD-BSW

Specialized in Helping Navy Seals and Their Families http://cholladaylifecoaching.com Suicide is increasing at an alarming rate in the United States. It is time to address this as the problem that it is. Until we as a nation recognize this it will continue to rise. This risk of suicide is much higher in those that have… Read More »

Demon Camp: A Soldier’s Exorcism Audiobook by Jennifer Percy

You can listen to the full audiobook Demon Camp: A Soldier’s Exorcism for free at audibay.com Format: Unabridged Written by: Jennifer Percy Narrated by: Kirsten Potter Release date: 2/5/2014 Duration: 7 hrs 16 mins Genres: Biographies From Jennifer Percy comes the riveting true story of a veteran with PTSD and an exploration of the battles… Read More »