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'Nothing Real' PTSD PSA Music Video by CoMMoVe (full version)

Music Video for ‘Nothing Real’ by CoMMoVe (Full PTSD). Global Music Award Winner and Accolade Award Winner. Directed by Reed Simonsen / Written by Cameron Kinsey https://www.facebook.com/CoMMoVeRoCK Veterans Crisis Line 1.800.273.8255 VA Combat Call Center 1.800.927.1070 Pat Donahoe – Guitars Sean Rennau- Vocals Trevor Lutz – Bass Mike Graziano – Percussion Starring: Robert S. Martin… Read More »

"Soldier's Heart" Military PTSD and the Cost of War

PTSD has always been a part of war for soldiers. Ancient writings in human history suggest this problem is as old as warfare and combat itself. 3,000 year old texts were recently discovered and they make clear references to the same symptoms troops face today. This evidence goes against those who would claim the disorder… Read More »


Pedazos un film de AIRivera (AIReStudios) PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) affects many veterans and is very personal to me. I set to create this film and to gain a further understanding of the disorder. This video is dedicated to anyone who has this disorder or who have had to cope with a love one… Read More »

Getting a diagnosis for PTSD is really, really difficult.

“Getting a diagnosis for PTSD is really, really difficult. And that’s because there are so many symptoms, and they’re so random. And so you think you’re losing your mind because you’ve got all of these like random things happening to you. And you don’t think that they are all connected. You probably don’t mention a… Read More »

Struggling With PTSD Symptoms? You're Not Alone

https://appgrooves.com/ Featured apps: 1:54 PTSD Coach https://bit.ly/3aVE81s 4:10 Headspace https://bit.ly/38Qgl1y 5:32 Happify https://bit.ly/39PeUll AppGrooves is your primary source for finding the right apps that fit your life goal situation. AppGrooves finds and reviews the best apps & games from over 600 life goal categories to make it easy for you to locate the right app… Read More »

Call to Action: Helping to Cultivate Healthy Communities

A call to action to request support in creating outreach and engagement opportunities to address the need for post-traumatic stress (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) awareness within underrepresented and at-risk communities. PTSD is a mental disorder, but the associated stress can cause physical damage. TBI is a neurological disorder caused by trauma to the… Read More »

"Peak Performance Under Stress" S2 E6 – Sarah Dentry-Travis

The Prepared Warrior Podcast Dr. Sarah Dentry-Travis’ is a human performance consultant and conducts research into the mechanisms of mental and physical toughness in extreme environments, specifically in military, police, and emergency first responder populations. She has skied to the North Pole and climbed the highest mountain in Antarctica to measure human performance in challenging… Read More »

Veterans, PTSD and Icarus

Source: Today I talk to Simon Maryan, founder of Icarus Online, a support organisation for uniformed personnel, including Military, Veterans, Emergency Services and Prison Staff. Within this episode we learn more about the amazing work that Icarus provides and what it is they actually do, we talk about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the Veteran… Read More »

"PTSD vs Jiu Jitsu"- Fight For Your Life- Official Trailer

WNA will be traveling the country interviewing veterans who have healed themselves from PTSD using Jiu-Jitsu as therapy. WNA president Nick Rahn will be traveling the country starting April 22nd- June 4th in a camper van training jiu-jitsu at 25 gyms around the country traveling 14k miles! The mission of this documentary is to help… Read More »

FamilyOfaVet.com – PTSD, TBI, & Life After Combat

**CAUTION: This video contains graphic combat-related images. While it is intended to give people some small understanding of what a year in combat is like, the images may be difficult for some Veterans, etc., to view. If you would like to skip the combat images, go to 3:39 ** FamilyOfaVet.com (Family Of a Vet, Inc.)… Read More »