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289 Combat Stress Recovery Revisited-2 Billings

Listen; The full Episode with show notes & references here, Home Combat Stress – Misunderstood & Mistreated Of the 2.4 million U.S. troops, who have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, 30% return home with post-traumatic stress due to combat related stress and more than 320,000 suffer from traumatic brain injury (TBI). Many more are… Read More »

On a quest to end stress across the world with Dr. Amy Serin

Internationally renowned clinical neuropsychologist, inventor, and author, Dr. Amy Serin applies her expertise to heal a multitude of mental health problems both in and out of her integrative care clinics. In the last decade, Dr. Serin’s clinics have healed thousands of people and after consulting with militaries and international global crises responders, she set out… Read More »

Evil Hours: A Biography of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Audiobook by David J. Morrison

Listen to this audiobook in full for free with a 30-day trial: http://penz.icu/12/228975 Just as polio loomed over the 1950s and AIDS stalked the 1980s and 1990s, post-traumatic stress disorder haunts us in the early years of the twenty-first century. Over a decade into the United States’ global war on terror, PTSD afflicts as many… Read More »

PTSD | Dialogue Promo 1 | Kushal Shrivastava | Humaira Manzoor

PTSD is a common medical term that stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is also the name of our upcoming short film. Enjoy this little sneak peek into the movie. Share if you like it. Thanks! Source: Youtube

Once a Warrior-Always a Warrior: Navigating the Transition from Combat to Home-Including Audiobook

Listen to this audiobook in full for free with a 30-day trial: http://mdon.icu/12/231905 Being back home can be as difficult, if not more so, thanthe time spent serving in a combat zone. It’s with this truth that ColonelCharles W. Hoge, M.D., a leading advocate for eliminating the stigma of mentalhealth care, presents Once a Warrior-Alwaysa… Read More »

Meditation for connecting body and mind | Dedicated to soldiers, and those with PTSD

Hello beautiful, Tonight’s #ASMR guided meditation is dedicated to soldiers, to commemorate 100 years since WW1. As many solders, then and now, suffer from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), I have made this mediation in mind to relieve the mental stress of this anxiety disorder and hopefully allow you to get some sleep. Of course, this… Read More »

[Trauma Tips #3] Why everyone can heal, but not everyone will.

Welcome to #3 in this Trauma Tip Series! Thank you for being here. In this video I dive into a common question I get asked, “Irene, can everyone heal?” My answer isn’t always what folks want to hear, but it is the plain truth. So be sure to check what MUST be in place so… Read More »

PTSD, Depression, Emotional Abuse is Purifying into Wisdom, Truth and Balance of Body-Mind-Spirit

WEBSITE MERKABA CARPET BITCHUTE https://www.bitchute.com/channel/yQnTbL6nL3ma/ SKETCHES In my awakening, I started sketching what turned out to be spiritual insights about multidimensionality, spiritual awakening, spiritual ascension, quantum physics, time, dark night of the soul, spiritual gifts, higher self, love, fear, state of being, frequency and other spiritually related insights. Source: Youtube

Guided Meditation for PTSD – Sleep Hypnosis/ASMR

Welcome to a guided meditation for PTSD, which contains juicy asmr sounds (hypnotic asmr sounds, soothing audio, calming sounds, sleep whisper, leading you to a brain orgasm). Enjoy the healing vibrations of my voice, carefully mastered to perfection. I hope with this video to assist others looking for “power-tools” to help accelerate their personal evolution.… Read More »