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Integration Psychotherapy (Gorman)

PhD Ingmar Gorman | Psychedelic Education and Continuing Care Program (Director) Ingmar Gorman How does a psychedelic experience translate to enduring positive change in one’s life? What if a transcendent psychedelic experience leads to no significant change? Or leaves a person feeling worse? Dr. Ingmar Gorman will speak about the basics of psychedelic integration applicable… Read More »

INSIGHT 2019: Re-Evaluation of Psychedelics: Challenges for Science, Therapy & Public Health

Dr. sc. hum. Henrik Jungaberle | Director of the MIND Foundation Henrik Jungaberle 1 part: Conference Introduction with Dr. med. Andrea Jungaberle (-7:10), later with Tura Patterson and Prof. Chuck Raison Usona Institute (-14:00) 2 part: Re-Evaluation of Psychedelics ———————– We are a non-profit organisation – but you can support our work with a donation!… Read More »