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Arielle Schwartz : Trauma Recovery and Post-Traumatic Growth

Dr. Arielle Schwartz is a clinical psychologist, author, teacher, and widely sought-out voice in the healing of trauma and complex trauma. She offers workshops for therapists on EMDR and somatic therapy, and maintains a private practice in Boulder, Colorado. She has written a book called The Post-Traumatic Growth Guidebook, and with Sounds True, has created… Read More »

What does trauma cause? “5 Effects” – Episode 165

Many of the effects of childhood trauma do not show up until later in life. When I noticed them in my life, I didn’t know what they were from. It is only been recently that I understood a part of what that causes it in an adult. In today’s episode I talk about the five… Read More »

Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness | Dr David Treleaven

David Treleaven, PhD, is a writer, educator, and trauma professional working at the intersection of mindfulness and trauma. He is the author of the acclaimed book Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness and founder of the Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness (TSM) Community—a group of practitioners committed to setting a standard of care through mindfulness-based practices, interventions, and programs. David focuses on… Read More »

How does gratitude help when going through hard times?

Are you struggling right now in life? Then this video is a must to watch! you will learn four key things that will help you when struggling with your mental health. #gratitude #mindfulness #selflove #mentalhealth #ptsd #anxiety #addiction #recovery #journaling #support #struggling #stigma #depression# #positivity #gratefulness adhd alcoholism anxiousness covid drug addiction family support friend… Read More »

The science of meditation: what are the benefits?

The science of mindfulness and meditation has attracted a lot of attention in the last couple of decades. In this video, we take a look at what the meditation research is pointing toward and reflect on the role of science in the context of mindfulness and meditation. Scientifically validated benefits include: – Decreased stress levels… Read More »

How to cope with COVID when you have a mental illness.

If your mental health has been struggling due to COVID then you must watch this video! #covid #mentalhealth #howtocopewithcovid #ptsd #ptsdgrowth #breakthestigma #anxiety #anxiousness #depression #addiction #recovery #strugglingwithmentalhealth #mindfulness #coping #risingphoenix Source: Youtube


Yoga Nidra, an ancient practice from India, brings us to a rich state of awareness where the mind releases constrictions as it reconnects to the Divine self. Yoga Nidra specifically targets the central nervous system, creating a sacred container for the body, mind and spirit to do its natural healing. Find a comfortable place to… Read More »

With our thoughts we create

Our thoughts carry immense power. With our thoughts we create our own personal world. As such it is imperative that we remain vigilant with our thoughts so that the world we are creating for ourselves is one where we feel competent, truly alive, and a world where it is possible to live the life we… Read More »

The Mental Health Hour – PTSD I

Like and Subscribe! What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? What are the signs and symptoms of it? How does one get diagnosed with PTSD? Episode 10 has answers to all these questions in a Part 1 of another multi-episode topic! Stay tuned for further information on this topic in the future. Source: Youtube

How to Face Your Trauma and Open Yourself up to Spirituality

We’re all survivors of trauma in some way or another. So how can you learn to deal with PTSD and allow yourself to open up again? Here are some steps you can take to face your trauma so you can know a life beyond fear. If you’re looking for support on how to begin a… Read More »

A Strengths Based Approach To PTSD | Counselor Toolbox Podcast Episode 151

A direct link to the counseling continuing education course is https://www.allceus.com/member/cart/index/product/id/508/c/ AllCEUs provides #counseloreducation and CEUs for LPCs, LMHCs, LMFTs and LCSWs as well as #addiction counselor precertification training and continuing education. Live, Interactive Webinars ($5): https://www.allceus.com/live-interactive-webinars/ Unlimited Counseling CEs for $59 https://www.allceus.com/ #AddictionCounselor and #RecoveryCoach https://www.allceus.com/certificate-tracks/ Pinterest: drsnipes Podcast: https://www.allceus.com/counselortoolbox/ Nurses, addiction and #mentalhealth… Read More »

Experiencing Breathwork | Healing the Inner Child | Treat PTSD, Anxiety and Depression Naturally

Breathwork is a mindful healing tool that allows the mind-body (psycho-somatic) connection to release emotional suppressions from the body. It has been scientifically proven to be an effective self-treatment for disorders like anxieties, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Please subscribe to this channel for more healing and growth videos. See more on breathwork at www.dennisepaccione.com… Read More »

Can meditation help relieve post traumatic stress disorder? by Peter Paul Parker

https://www.peterpaulparker.com​ Try the webinar for free. Can meditation help relieve post traumatic stress disorder? Yes. And here is a study to prove it. For more information on what we offer and on Ki Gong, sound healing, Reiki, Meditation and relaxation please visit www.brightbeings.co.uk For more information on music and other related health issues and information… Read More »