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Mindfulness Meditations: Releasing Trauma

Book coming soon! BlueFeather Mindfulness: A Survivor’s Guide to Finding Peace. Launch date 6/10/19 Click here to preorder http://bit.ly/BFM123 During this Mindfulness Meditation, be guided to a place of safety and release. Allow the nervous system to calm, unwind, and release trauma that may be in your system. Relax through soft breathing and grounding visualizations… Read More »

BPD Ex's or Partners | The Hurt | Other Side of BPD

So many shared their pain and heartache in relationship now with a pw/BPD and others who have a BPD ex. So much pain all around. It’s important for each person to take care of themselves and learn if you don’t already know that you just can’t change, rescue, or fix them. http://ajmahari.ca/contact Blog – Sessions… Read More »

Think of How You Think | Maria Maged | TEDxYouth@EBIS

an 18 year old student at STEM who is passionate about psychology. Despite her young age, she has volunteered with an African refugees school to teach English, and while dealing with the children, she helped one of them overcoming PTSD ( post-traumatic stress disorder) applying her psychological knowledge. Her talk is about the mind and… Read More »

Inside the Priory Hospital Altrincham

In this video, Patrick, a patient seeking mental health support at Priory Hospital Altrincham in Cheshire, shares his journey with viewers, as he talks about his experience of living with depression and the impact it had on his work and home life, the treatment that he received at Priory and looking forward to life in… Read More »

PTSD & Managing Relationships + Split Colony Ep. 2 #streamerswithPTSD #veterans #questmode #F2KCommu

Guthron and Cellistmike tackle the difficulties they face in relationships now that they have PTSD. Also, they play more of their split colony. Guthron fights off another raid, gets hit by a dry thunderstorm, and has a wanderer join. Cellistmike, meanwhile, slaughters dogs a plenty. — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/guthron Source: Youtube

PTSD and Creative Arts + Split Colony MP Ep. 01 #streamerswithPTSD #veterans #questmode #F2KCommunit

Guthron and Cellistmike talk being creative and how it helps with therapy. Also they play Rimworld multiplayer with a new colony they split in two and resettled! Guthron faced a raid, while Cellistmike built power. — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/guthron Source: Youtube

#55 – Connie Boglis – Losing your veteran partner to PTSD & suicide

This week we meet Connie Boglis- Counsellor & Author, as she Opens Up about the struggle her partner Jessefaced, as a veteran who returned with PTSD. Connie also Opens Up about Jesses passing, how she’s helping change procedures for veteran care, and how her new childrens book “Once Upon a Feeling”, helped her heal from… Read More »

#37 – Corey Gaidzionis – PTSD from holding a friend as they passed away in your arms

In this episode we meet Corey Gaidzionis as he Opens Up about the most traumatic moment of his life, holding a friend and work colleague as they passed away. Corey also Opens Up about how this event impacted his life moving forward, as well as what he’s learnt and implemented as a result of it,… Read More »

#30DaysOfMHP Day 01

#30DaysOfMHP Day 01 I’ve been inspired by Simon, to jump on the #MentalHealth bus and share my experiences in order to educate [some of] you guys…plus help others find their voice, if they wish to. 30 Days! What will we cover? 🔸Chronic Anxiety 🔸Depression 🔸Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 🔸Dissociative Disorder 🔸Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder 🔸Intrusive Thoughts 🔸Suicidal… Read More »

Hearing voices #schizophrenia #mentalhealth

It was world Mental Health Awareness Day yesterday, so I thought I would do a Double Taboo video… Hearing voices and suicide… Have you ever heard voices? #schizophrenia #mpd #anxiety #stress #depression #mentalhealthawareness #OCD #PTSD Source: Youtube