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The Power of Honesty for Good Mental Health | Sanchana Krishnan | TEDxJMC

Using her lived experience of bipolar disorder on her journey to being a mental health advocate and mostly-functional adult, Sanchana shares everything she has learned about the power of honesty to achieving good mental health. Sometimes profound, sometimes shocking and always funny, she dissects the very concepts of honesty, how to approach life through the… Read More »

Stop Crying – Motivational video

Stop Crying – Motivational video SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE MOTIVATIONAL VIDEOS https://goo.gl/RJDPL0 LISTEN TO MOTIVATION – Get your FREE audio book w/ 30 day trial: http://amzn.to/2scFJO6 Speakers – Ray Lewis Tony Robbins Robin Sharma Bob Proctor Music – Instrumental Core & Really Slow Motion – Hymn of Valor (Angels Among Demons) Really Slow Motion – A… Read More »

War, Depression, PTSD, and Faith — Benjamin Sledge

Benjamin Sledge, Director of HeartSupport shares his story of war, PTSD, depression, and his experience with church. Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red started an online non-profit called HeartSupport to give his fans a place to talk about and overcome their struggles. His vision is to unite the scene–fans and bands alike–so that no one… Read More »

PTSD/phobia/anaphylactic allergy CURE

PTSD/phobia/anaphylactic allergy CURE TOTALLY worth the watch! My client, Melissa, shares her heroic jounrey of empowerment and what’s truly possible once you understand the power of the mind and how it operates. A sexual assault led to an anaphylactic allergy (which left her dead once for 5+minutes), PTSD, phobia, anxiety, asthma, etc. For 20 years… Read More »

How the Medal affected my life, Combat, PTSD, and Leadership

This was recorded October 3rd 2017 on the Marine Corps Base in Camp Lejeune. Marines asked Dakota Meyer some questions and he answered them. If you like more videos like this let us know below. Subscribe Like and Comment! Want a chance to skydive with me? All expenses paid, round trip! Every order over $25… Read More »