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ChatRoom: 5: Part 1: Post Traumatic Stress & SelfCare. Guest Keith. PLUS MUSIC VID. Live Performance

This is PART 1 with Guest, KEITH, who is an upstanding human being with a caring and kind nature. He runs a community project and does great work that assists people in his town. Over the next few PARTS, in this SERIES with KEITH, we will be chatting to him to hear how HE has… Read More »

Heavy Ethereal Ambience * Bilateral Music Therapy * Heal Stress, Anxiety, PTSD – EMDR, Brainspotting

This song is very slow-moving, warm, and not too busy. This song uses a bilateral tone rather than a beat. A bilateral tone is more subtle than a bilateral beat. Bilateral music therapy is helping people from all over the world reprogram their brains for the better. d(-_-)b Remember to wear headphones while listening to… Read More »

Music Therapy Sessions at Elite Music Academy in Toronto

What: The use of music by an accredited music therapist to create a therapeutic relationship and help an individual meet cognitive, physical, social, and emotional goals. The goals of a music therapy session are different for each person and are based on the needs determined by an assessment or referral. Music therapy interventions and the… Read More »

Compassion Fatigue, Secondary PTSD, Caregiver, Accelerated Recovery , Janna Cantu, MT-BC, Soul Care

This video is about the Accelerated Recovery Program provided by Soulcaremusictherapy.com to treat Compassion Fatigue. Specialists and Therapists from SoulcareMusictherapy.com provide integrative mental health care and wellness care. Hesitant to seek mental health assistance through your workplace? Would you job be under threat? Treat Compassion Fatigue and Professional Level burnout in complete privacy. Employers- increase… Read More »

Music Therapy Workshops in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Rise Up, a female-led nonprofit organization based in Indiana, teamed up with Dr. Francisco Hernández y Gaetan Elementary School to bring art and music workshops to students that continue to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after the deadly Hurricane Maria in 2017. Source: Youtube

PTSD A true Story

A veteran of three war theaters, talks candidly about his own realization of living with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). He reveals the common problem of self medicating, sleep disfunction and attempted suicide. Javier has stepped forward to share his own solutions to heal himself and others. Source: Youtube


From “The American Veteran” Episode 1001 For thousands of years physicians suspected that music can soothe the soul. But it was only in the 1950’s that researchers at VA scientifically validated the medicinal effects of music. Today, doctors and therapists across VA are using music to help Veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress start the journey… Read More »

Sound Therapy for PTSD – Natural Treatment for PTSD for Everyone –

http://www.SoundsforSelfTreatment.com for more Free Downloadable Sound Therapy Programs The frequencies for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD are barely audible, but can induce a deeper relaxation and release of stress held in our emotional and physical body. Because of the heightened stress level of our society, most of us carry stress at a cellular level… Read More »

HEALING MEDITATION Music “The Storm Has Passed” for PTSD Recovery – Overall Wellness

◢ We created another PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) music therapy track to give comfort and deep relaxation to those who are suffering from the disorder. We carefully embedded binaural beats that range from 0.20Hz to 10Hz, which are associated with the effects of the sleep state, the unconscious mind reaching out to gain better understanding… Read More »