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Narcissism Shapeshifting Camouflage: Conceals Other Disorders (University Lecture)

Listen to Summary: 1:11:13 Sources at the end. 48:27-50:37 by Darlene Lancer, not Len Sperry (apologies). Narcissism is a core feature of the personality: primary narcissism in infancy is critical to the formation of the self, healthy narcissism helps us to regulate our sense of self-worth and guarantees self-efficacy. Like cancer, narcissism can become malignant… Read More »

The Root Causes Of Narcissism

The Root Causes Of Narcissism. Narcissism is a mental condition, a form of personality disorder. It is characterized by an excessive interest in self, such that interests in other people’s needs and feelings become non-existent. Narcissism is also popularly called Narcissist Personality Disorder (NPD). A narcissist is known to be selfish, boastful, proud, aggressive, sly,… Read More »

Religious Post Traumatic Stress 2b

This video is talking about how children growing up in sects with narcissistic and codependent parents are affected by several factors of their environment. Recommended ressources for Narcissim / Codependency / Gaslighting : Gaslighting Basics: From A – Z. This Video May Save Your Life. Dr Rosenberg Codependent as mirror image of narcissist Richard Grannon… Read More »

Understanding Your Triggers To Lesson The Ptsd Symptoms Overcoming PTSD by Narcissist

İf you struggle with PTSD or CPTSD you probably have triggers that make you go back into fight or flight. Understanding your triggers helps you manage your reaction and thus the free fall of fears and anxiety. Source: Youtube

Cptsd| 4 Dangers of Reacting They HOPE Happen to You Beware

If the videos are not enough – and you are struggling to heal after narcissism, narcissistic relationships, if you are battling complex ptsd or codependency – check out www.micheleleenieves.com for more resources that can help you!!!! If you are unable to do the face to face coaching – my video course is a great place… Read More »

Flashbacks in C/PTSD: “emotional" vs. Real (See DESCRIPTION 1st! University Lecture)

Skip 36:21-44:41 (scholarly literature review). READ THE DESCRIPTION FIRST! “Emotional flashbacks” is NOT an accepted construct in clinical psychology. Second winter semester lecture to South Federal University, Rostov on Don, Russian Federation, and to the Psychology track in SIAS-CIAPS. “Emotional flashbacks” is NOT an accepted construct in clinical psychology. Flashbacks are dissociative (cut us off… Read More »

How to Argue w a Narcissist WITHOUT Giving Narcissistic Supply

No one likes to argue – much less arguing with a narcissist – but we know that narcissists will argue with or without your consent. Knowing how to handle those moments when they are sucking you into a drama battle will help you to stay grounded in self. You cannot control the narcissist – you… Read More »