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PTSD – Signs, Symptoms & Narcissism

Please be sure to like/Follow at: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/intuitive.vibez Instagram https://www.instagram.com/intuitive.empath83 PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Is classified as an emotional & physical reaction to occurrences/situations that are similar to past traumatic experiences. PTSD is a triggered reminder of a past traumatic experience that has not been healed or handled with the care of professional/emotional help.… Read More »

What happens when you ignore a narcissist? NPD, CPTSD & Narcissistic Abuse

Join the QueenBeeing Universibee – the online learning and evolution center for narcissistic abuse survivors. You’ll really thrive when you join this hive! Join up at http://vid.io/xcxV today! What happens when you ignore a narcissist? Narcissistic Personality Disorder, CPTSD & Narcissistic Abuse If you’ve been in a relationship with a toxic narcissist, or if you’re… Read More »

The Family Scapegoat, Episode 4: Healing the Scapegoat's Grief and PTSD (Black Sheep)

#ScapegoatChild #RelationalAggression #BlackSheep THE FAMILY SCAPEGOAT, EPISODE 4: HEALING THE SCAPEGOAT’S GRIEF AND PTSD is a discussion about the health consequences of being the family scapegoat, black sheep or whipping boy. In this episode R.C. Mandeville sheds light on how Family Scapegoat Abuse Syndrome (FSAS) affects the person cast in this devastating role. The Family… Read More »


Do you suffer from ptsd triggers? Are you the child of a narcissist? Are you the child of an alcoholic and have you suffered childhood emotional neglect? Have you been living in a perpetual state of survival? If you have ANY unresolved CHILDHOOD TRAUMA, you undoubtedly suffer from TRIGGERS. It is not your fault and… Read More »

The Covert Narcissist Sibling

#NarcissisticSibling #SiblingRivalry #SiblingAbuse #NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder THE COVERT NARCISSIST SIBLING (RELOADED) discusses how Narcissistic Personality Disorder manifests in siblings who are covert narcissists. Covert Narcissism (also known as Vulnerable Narcissism or Introverted Narcissism) is notoriously difficult to spot. In this video we identify and break down some of the narcissistic brother and sister sibling traits. Sibling is… Read More »

Triggering Cascade, Trauma Imprinting, and Total Reactance

“Triggering cascade” is when a seemingly minor trigger results in vastly disproportional trauma. Painful memories, replete with the attendant negative emotions, are walled behind mental barriers: combinations of dams and firewalls. Sometimes even an innocuous mishap or a merely unpleasant event rupture these defenses and decades of hurt are released in an avalanche that, at… Read More »

C-PTSD: When Are We a Victim?

If you would like to take advantage of the TalktoDavid service, please visit https://www.daviddemars.com/ We must know when we are being abused and have been abused. Maybe even more importantly, we must realize when it stops. We cannot heal from an abusive relationship, change and be successful, until we see and accept what is wrong… Read More »

Isolation After Trauma

Isolating yourself after narcissist abuse is normal, however we need to learn to break free from the isolation and the torment in our minds that we aren’t liked or even loved by others. Please subscribe if you like my content! I appreciate all of the support! https://www.patreon.com/letstalkabuse 17 reasons we isolate can be found https://redd.it/89v74v… Read More »

C-PTSD: Awareness

If you would like to take advantage of the TalktoDavid service, please visit https://www.daviddemars.com/ With the human body having over 34,00 different emotions there are plenty of needs to meet. We must be aware of our surroundings and our bodies. Thank you for watching and please vote for this video with a thumbs up or… Read More »

Nightmares & C PTSD

Nightmares are a very common symptom of PTSD & C-PTSD, yet there isn’t much information available on them. This video explains some about the nightmares as well as offers some coping tips. After this video published, I was made aware of the audio problem. No idea what happened since the video was fine when I… Read More »

Why we say in toxic relationships with narcissist – and why it's not our fault

Thanks for joining our tribe, please subscribe 🙂 Thank you everyone for supporting this channel as we all move forward after narcissist abuse. This channel is where I hope to find my tribe, make friends, find an understanding and move forward with a full happy life Post Narcissist. Donations https://donorbox.org/post-narcissist-survivors All donations will go to… Read More »

Q&A Subscriber Feedback Part 1

To take advantage of the DeMars Coaching service, please visit https://www.daviddemars.com/ Please support Shane’s Law Petition: https://www.change.org/p/protection-for-victims-that-are-suffering-emotional-psychological-and-financial-abuse-by-narcissistic-personality-disordered-individuals Recommendation: Narcotic Love: In and Out of the Coma of Narcissistic Abuse by Sarah Ziolkowski. Find it on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Narcotic-Love-Coma-Narcissistic-Abuse/dp/1999212207/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?keywords=narcotic+love&qid=1571387370&sr=8-2 Suicide Prevention (US) 1 800 273 8255 Domestic Violence Help (US) 1 800 799 7233 https://www.endingviolencecanada.org/ Womens Aid… Read More »