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Q&A Subscriber Feedback Part 1

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9 Ways to Help Relieve Symptoms of Complex PTSD – You'll feel so much better! xx

Here is the 9th one I couldn’t remember in the video: T.R.E. – Trauma Release Exercises 🙂 To find out more about Debbie’s books, online courses, meditations, healing music, and coaching with her, click on the following link: https://www.debbiemirza.com/ Source: Youtube

Complex PTSD by Pete Walker Book Club Discussion

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Q&A: Should I Express My Pain To The Narcissist?

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#PTSD #narcissism #narcissistic Hello guys! In this video I discuss PTSD & narcissistic parents, many of us are experiencing issues with PTSD as a result of a toxic child hood! Thank you for listening ; I am in the process of creating an online course aimed at helping those who suffer from low self validation,… Read More »

Live Stream 1/31/18 Narcissistic Abuse Q&A and Support

Audiobooks: Start Here: http://bit.ly/start-here-book Out of the FOG: http://bit.ly/OutOfTheFOG Need help? I have two support groups, one on Facebook and one on my website (both are free). www.facebook.com/groups/HealingAfterNarcissisticAbuse www.thriveafterabuse.com/forum *I am not a therapist or expert in narcissism. I am a former psychiatric nurse turned domestic violence advocate. I have both personal and professional experiencing… Read More »

Narcissistic Public Intellectuals: Celebrity or Expertise? (Grannon-Vaknin Convo)

Public intellectuals are often more public than intellectuals. Many of them are narcissists who capitalize on their celebrity and claim to be omniscient. They transmogrify into cultish gurus. Originally published here: Source: Youtube

I suffer from C-PTSD. Should I take anti-depressants?

#narcissist #narcissisticabuse #depression #anxiety #PTSD Today, we look at the topic of taking medication to alleviate your depression and anxiety. Link to video on helpful supplements: https://youtu.be/g49tj9PSRUs If you are interested in attending Soul GPS workshop in New York City on June 1, 2019 or in San Francisco on June 15, 2019, please click on… Read More »

3 Prime Reasons Why Most People Don't Understand Narcissistic Abuse

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PTSD Domestic Violence

Today I talk about my domestic violence, the worst one at least, and how it caused PTSD. I did mess up the dates though it was 2005 not 2006. Oops. Ive been going to therapy for PTSD, and we are working through all of my trauma. This incident has been giving me the most problems… Read More »