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Narcissistic Parenting: 8 Common Effects

Narcissistic Parenting: 8 Common Effects http://www.drcraigmalkin.com/the-book Many have written in to ask me: what are the most common effects of having a narcissistic parent? Here, I describe the 8 I’ve most commonly seen. To learn more about recovery and more easily spot even subtle narcissism at the start of a relationship, read my internationally acclaimed… Read More »

Symptoms of C-PTSD for Adoptees

Here is an exploration of some of the symptoms experienced by Adoptees. The impact of adoption can be felt in varying degrees throughout a person’s life. Society continues to underestimate the trauma caused by the Primal Wound. Oh dear, I overused the word exacerbate in this video. Also, I have some white paint stuck in… Read More »

Narcissistic Mother Causes Post Traumatic Stress From Narcissistic Abuse

Are you the child of a narcissist? Do you suffer from post-traumatic stress from narcissistic abuse? Do you still seek your narcissistic parent’s approval? Are you the narcissistic supply? Narcissistic mothers impact the lives of their sons and daughters in innumerable ways. Children are innocent and need to FEEL like it is acceptable to need… Read More »