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Veterans: How to Heal From PTSD Using the Emotion Code

Coding Alternative, a Bioenergetic Practice with two Emotion and Body Code Practitioners, are finding a way to give back to the military. One of the ways we go about lowering depression, anxiety, and PTSD is through a method designed by Dr. Bradley Nelson called “Clearing your heart Wall”. The procedure takes about 3 hours which… Read More »

The Coffee Corner Show S2 Ep 7

The Coffee Corner Show Pitch Your Business – Promote Your Events – Show Us Your Talent! This week’s topic is PTSD. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Due to a recent shooting in Thousand Oaks, committed by a former Marine suffering from PTSD, TCCS interviews Mark Villamac Ho aka Bagyo also a former Marine about his perspective… Read More »

CAP Innovation Day Clip 4: PTSD Accommodations in the Workplace

At this event, we discussed some of the myths surrounding employment limitations of individuals diagnosed with PTSD and TBI. We also demonstrated several assistive technologies that can help individuals with PTSD/TBI with tasks such as note taking, writing, reading and remembering important information. Attendees also had an opportunity to have hands on experience with the… Read More »

Retreat Center for Veterans and First Responders – Intro by Bart Taylor

Veterans who may need relief from Combat Trauma or Stress Fatigue (PTSD); as well as may be seeking a new mission in life in service to others. This property will not be a ‘clinical setting.’ The property simply offers a wonderfully peaceful setting to live which Glen & Bart wish to share with other veterans,… Read More »

Feminist tries to get Veterans Fired over TWITTER!

I’m used to professional victim feminists being vapid and narcissistic, but to be honest this one sickened me. I actually know a LOT about the history of war, and the men who fought in them. It is clear to me that no one escapes the horrors of combat without scars. For a feminist to target… Read More »