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quick update re: Healthy Nervous System Revolution Facebook Group ;)

Hi all! Thank you for being here and following me. It’s possible you’ve found me and my work via Facebook, and if this is the case you might know about a growing community of 20K people who are part of the Healthy Nervous System Revolution Facebook Group. This past year I made some intentional changes… Read More »

A new movement culture. Up & Down with Irene & Elia

Here’s a fun little video compilation of myself, Irene, and my good friend and colleague Elia Mrak moving via our Up & Down principles. If you’d like to learn more about our work and join for a live workshop us head over here: https://www.updownworkshop.com/ HERE IS OUR FULL UP & DOWN TOUR SCHEDULE FOR 2019:… Read More »

[Trauma Tips #4] What is an anxiety attack?

The term ‘anxiety’ is used A LOT in daily conversation. So I figured it would be good to do a video chatting about what anxiety REALLY is and what it might be like to reframe it from a physiological point of view. Enjoy and please leave a comment below! Head to my site to access… Read More »

UNFREEZING the Freeze Response || FACEBOOK LIVE Q&A EPISODE || with Irene Lyon

This is another one of my Facebook Live Q&A’s that I do regularly in my Healthy Nervous System Revolution Facebook Group. If you’d like to join, head over: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nervoussystem/ I answer A LOT of great questions in this episode and I’ve decided to post those questions here so you can see the depth of questions:… Read More »