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2019 SBMT Annual Congress – For Veterans with PTSD and TBI

▶︎ If you or someone you know has experienced a vision problem, brain injury or feel like “something is different” then take our free online “Brain Quiz” or speak with one of our New Patient Advocates and come in for a Mind-Eye exam today by contacting our office at 847-984-3156 or visiting us at https://mindeye.com… Read More »

PTSD vs Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) – THRIVE despite Tough Times. Episode 1 "Talk and Tools"

We’ve all heard of PTSD. But what about PTG? Why don’t we hear more about Post Traumatic Growth? In this video you will learn about the key differences between surviving and thriving, between PTSD and PTG. You will also learn practical tools to optimize the functioning of your nervous system so that you heal and… Read More »

Shaili Jain: Treatments for PTSD are more effective than ever

Read more: https://stanford.io/39a11xV How a revealing father-daughter conversation led to a career dedicated to studying and treating severe trauma and stress-related disorders. Shaili Jain first got interested in studying post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) on an East Coast road trip listening to her father describe his experiences during the 1947 Partition of British India. As she… Read More »

How Do EndoCannabinoids Buffer Stress? Cannabinoid Collapse Causes Synaptic Strengthening. FPS #6

Endocannabinoids are a Hot Topic in Neuroscience & Beyond – Touted as the “Master Regulator” of most other major neurotransmitter systems, the EndoCannabinoid system is quickly emerging as a potent therapeutic target for the treatment of several psychiatric & non-psychiatric disorders. However, scientists’ ability to translate these groundbreaking research discoveries into clinical treatments is hindered… Read More »


Dr Tia Cummins, neuro-scientist presents VR CORP. VRCORP is an end to end solution for the prevention, detection and intervention of service related Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a common disorder which affects 350 million globally.  VRCORP possesses the propriety rights to specific PTSD bio-markers and therapies. As such, we are determined to implement effective care solutions… Read More »

Dr Zelinsky Radio Interview on “Live with Rudi Bakhtiar”

Dr. Zelinsky was recently a guest on the live radio show “Live with Rudi Bakhtiar” on Los Angeles’ KIRN 670 AM to discuss the advanced methods for assessing brain function with Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitationm, with an emphasis of the often untested linkage between Eyes and Ears. Rudi Bakhtiar is the Radio Host of “Live with Rudi… Read More »

‘Brain’ Glasses Play Critical Role in Recovery from PTSD

Use of therapeutic “brain” eyeglasses to modify the frequency, amount and direction of light on the retina can often help accelerate recovery from symptoms of brain injury or chronic stress levels, including post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). The glasses also can sometimes improve patient comfort and range of tolerance to environmental changes and decrease hypersensitivity to… Read More »


Middle-age Female presented with clinical, severe PTSD, Agoraphobia, Conversion Disorder, & past trauma. Client utilized traditional therapy, received injections, and took up to 11 medications to treat symptoms. Client contacted James Pesch (NLP & Hypnosis Professional) and agreed to attempt Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Hypnosis to treat and overcome symptoms. After one session, symptoms were reduced… Read More »

Cure PTSD with marijuana | my complete guide

Post-traumatic stress disorder is an anxiety condition caused by a traumatic experience like military combat. In many states with medical marijuana, PTSD is one of the qualifying conditions. Here’s everything you need to know about PTSD and cannabis. Source: Youtube

Altering nature through nurture | Dr. Ali Jawaid | TEDxKinnaird

Dr. Ali Jawaid is a physician-scientist with training in both clinical and basic neuroscience. With an MD-PhD in Neuroscience from Switzerland, Aga Khan University, Pakistan and Baylor College of Medicine, USA are among his alma maters. Dr. Ali Jawaid has worked extensively in the fields of memory, dementia, neurodegenerative disorders, neuroepigenetics, neurodevelopmental disorders, post-traumatic stress… Read More »

How to Re-Wire Your Brain for Happiness and Well-Being to Optimize Learning

Watch this episode here on YouTube or listen here on ITunes https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/neuroscience-meets-social-and-emotional-learning/id1469683141 Learn more at https://achieveit360.com/ Welcome to the “Neuroscience Meets SEL” podcast EPISODE #29, my name is Andrea Samadi, a former educator who has been fascinated with understanding the science behind high performance strategies in schools, sports and the workplace for the past 20… Read More »

Science to Wipe The Mind – Dream Come True or Nightmare? l They call me The Ghost

Wipe what’s wrong and fill the mind with what’s better. This miracle cure could be your dream come true, or your worst nightmare, depending on who is in control. #minderaser #totalrecall #ptsd The Ghost used to work for the CIA, but now is a Dark Operative on the Dark Web – these are her stories… Read More »