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How to Win Your Non Combat PTSD Claim (LIVE with VA Claims Insider)

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PTSD, MST, and other Non-Combat Veterans Disability Claims

There are many vets that experience PTSD from things that had nothing to do with fighting, like MST (Military Sexual Trauma) or sexual harassment, being exposed to injury in a VA hospital, injuries during leave or even basic training. Many veterans have a hard time filing for VA Disability for PTSD or MST because there… Read More »

2 Things Vets MUST prove to Corroborate a Non-Combat VA PTSD Stressor Event

If you are claiming PTSD based on a non-combat stressor, then there are 2 things you will need to prove….the first is corroborating that the stressor event happened. Watch this video to learn the second thing you have to prove Source: Youtube