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Combating PTSD with Photography

After serving his country in Iraq, Army veteran Shawn Augustson returned home to face yet another battle: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Unable to even comfortably leave his home, Augustson eventually developed a passion for street photography that has not only helped him venture back out into the world, but gave him a way to… Read More »

How to be Grateful for PTSD

This video is my story on how PTSD protected my spirit and how I helped myself heal from the trauma inflicted upon me. Healing from trauma takes time and effort but I am hoping that the video will help others find the power within themselves to begin the healing process. Source: Youtube

Overcoming War, PTSD & Elective Amputation | BT Urruela | Modern Wisdom #022

BT Urruela is a US Army Combat Wounded Veteran, Elective Amputee, Author, Cover Model and Co-Founder of VETSports. BT’s life sounds like a movie script. From childhood abuse, to joining the US Army Infantry, being hit with 5 IEDs on his first tour in Iraq, going through rehab, electing to lose a limb, dealing with… Read More »

How to overcome post traumatic stress disorder by Tony Robbins?

Mandy’s daughter was brought back from the death in a go-kart-incident. Mandy sank into a deep depression. She couldn’t get rid of the image of her daughter’s death. Can Tony help her to overcome PDTS? HOME Source: Youtube