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How to Overcome Pandemic's CPTSD (Keynote Speech Covid-19 Global Summit)

Keynote speech to the Global Virtual Summit on COVID-19, August 2020 The pandemic of COVID-19 hit everyone simultaneously as a universal, inescapable external shock. Several elements in the progression of the pandemic rendered it traumatic: 1. The exponential inexorable contagion which fosters a feeling of impending doom (extreme stressor); 2. The extreme uncertainty regarding every… Read More »

NHS hero left feeling 'broken' by coronavirus crisis

NHS staff who risked their lives on the front line during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic will get a record £3million package to protect their mental health.  Many who worked round the clock during the crisis were left stressed, anxious, exhausted and at risk of post-traumatic stress disorder due to the toll it took… Read More »

John Stacy – Are You Suffering PTSD from Your Business?

Have you ever thought that as a business owner you could be suffering from PTSD? What is PTSD – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition triggered by experiencing a terrifying event. When we talk about PTSD, we think of soldiers in a war zone. As we look at the events over the… Read More »

Afghanistan veteran unable to wear mask due to PTSD concerned with public backlash

A veteran is speaking out about concerns of going outside in the public without wearing a mask. He says he can‘t wear a mask because he has PTSD. With heated and sometimes violent encounters happening because people aren’t wearing masks, Joshua Korder says he doesn’t want to go in the public out of fears of… Read More »

Psychological hope for the future; why there will not be a PTSD epidemic. Video by Prof Roger Baker

Psychological hope for the future; emotional processing protects against PTSD Will I develop post traumatic stress disorder from this Covid pandemic? Is there a way to emotionally protect myself from stress? Professor Roger Baker explains how emotional processing is a type of natural healing process providing immunity against mental breakdown. Following the Coronavirus lockdown, many… Read More »

Inflammation – The Silent Killer. Why inflammation is so dangerous? Inflammation & COVID-19.

How does inflammation compromise your immunity and undermine your overall health? What is the connection between inflammation and COVID-19? Why are so many chronic conditions associated with inflammation? How do concussions trigger inflammation? Dr. Larry Komer explains how can you reduce your inflammation and improve your long-term health. Dr. Larry Komer, MD is a functional… Read More »

OCD, PTSD and other pandemic questions answered, with Dr Daniel Amen

In this video we answer your questions about OCD, PTSD and other brain health or mental health issues, especially in this time of pandemic. For more free brain health information listen to The Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast: https://brainwarriorswaypodcast.com/episodes Get 21% OFF supplements and supplies, including my cookbook at https://tanaamen.com/. Join my Brain Warrior Tribe for… Read More »

PTSD of the Coronavirus Pandemic – How to Return to Life Without Extreme Fear

After nearly two months of quarantine are you fearful when you leave your house? Nervous about going to the grocery? Worried about a big rebound of illness once businesses start reopening and people head outside of their homes? Returning to normal life may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Bottom Line’s President &… Read More »

NJ Psychologist Shares Mental Health Resources to Cope with the Coronavirus Pandemic

LITTLE FALLS, NJ — TAPintoTV spoke with one of our favorite experts, Clinical Psychologist Meryl Dorf, to help those having difficulty handling the stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic. With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, we called on Dorf to provide guidance for navigating the uncertainty a crisis like this can bring. “It’s an ingredient… Read More »

(PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 25 Day Challenge 25 Pushups During Covid-19 Pandemic 2020

During these tough times going through the Covid-19 Pandemic it is important to realise that Stress is affecting so many of us, and PTSD is a serious problem if we do not deal with it by seeking treatment and seeking ways to overcome Stress. I use to struggle alot with my Traumas from the past… Read More »

Dr.Karina Fatova || Psychiatrist ~ PTSD ||

In this video Dr. Karina discuses mental health during the pandemic. Dr.Karina Fatova ~ Psychiatrist ~ PTSD [ Posttraumatic stress disorder ] Dr.Karina is a Trauma/PTSD psychiatrist. She was fortunate to do her psychiatry residency at Tulane University. Thanks for the LOVE and SUPPORT. Subscribe to the channel “Dr. Karina” to get more videos. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~… Read More »

How Coronavirus is Killing You in Your Sleep

Has Coronavirus been haunting your nightmares? It’s not uncommon during strenuous times for your dreams to reflect the stresses of your everyday life, and if you’re stuck home in quarantine, on top of Covid-19 news taking over your social media feeds, it makes sense you’d take out that stress in your dreams. But can having… Read More »