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How to cure panic disorder, anxiety, PTSD, depression part 3

this is part 3 of a series of videos i did years ago to help those who have panic disorder, anxiety, or depression. I myself suffered with it for years and finally come up with a solution that helped me beat it. since these videos i have discovered more, and have a slightly different approach… Read More »

Anxiety Cure and Psycho Education In Hindi

Anxiety Cure and Psycho Education In Hindi In this video I will discuss anxiety, its reasons, why you should not worry more about anxiety and simple methods to manage anxiety. This is a lengthy video. Please watch this video completely so that you can clearly understand anxiety. Psychoeducation about anxiety is the key to anxiety… Read More »

CBD Oil for Anxiety and Panic Attacks – CBD for Stress, Anxiety, PTSD and Panic Attacks

CBD Oil for Anxiety and Panic Attacks – Faster relief is often important and critical for those using CBD oil for anxiety and panic attacks Using CBD Oil for Anxiety: Does It Work? Buy CBD Oil for Anxiety Online · CBD Oil for Anxiety Side Effects · CBD Oil for Anxiety Treatment · The best… Read More »

Types of Anxiety Disorders

The most common types of anxiety disorders are: panic disorder, social phobia, fear of flying, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), trichotillomania and hoarding. However, according to Dr. Paula Levine, Psychologist and Founding Director of the Miami Counseling Resource Center, considers agoraphobia is the most common. It refers to irrational fear to everywhere. She… Read More »

Understanding Anxiety & Panic Disorders 101

Hey guys! If you have found this video I thank you so much for checking it out! First let me just say I AM IN NO WAY A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL or a Therapist or a Licensed Social Worker or any of the sort. I am just a woman in my 40’s going through grief and… Read More »

Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety kya he, State and Trait Anxiety me kya difference he.hum jaanenge Anxiety Disorders types ke baare me – Generalised Anxiety disorder,Panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobia, post traumatic stress disorder aur upay jinse hum Anxiety manage ker sake. Source: Youtube

Exposure Therapy Anxiety – Panic Disorder – Panic Attacks – PTSD

Exposure therapy is a technique in behavior therapy to treat anxiety disorders. Exposure therapy involves exposing the target patient to the anxiety source or its context without the intention to cause any danger. Doing so is thought to help them overcome their anxiety or distress #anxiety #panicdisorder #panicattacks Source: Youtube

Overcoming PTSD, Trauma and Anxiety Issues – That Anxiety Guy w/Monique Koven

My Website ——————- http://thatanxietyguy.com Facebook ————— https://facebook.com/ThatAnxietyGuy Facebook Discussion Forum —————————- https://facebook.com/groups/TAGForum Monique Koven ———————— http://moniquekovencoaching.com https://facebook.com/MoniqueKovenCoaching Often there is overlap between anxiety disorders like panic disorder and agoraphobia, past trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Monique and I discuss her path to overcoming trauma and generalized anxiety disorder and how the path is… Read More »

How I Experience Panic Attacks

My journey through diagnosis and the experience of panic attacks. I’m a SAHM who lives with mental illness. I want to spread the word and stamp out the stigma of mental illness. We have NOTHING to be ashamed of! Come join us on this crazy journey of discovery and friendship. We are stronger together! Source:… Read More »