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PTSD/ Mental Breakdown attack caught on camera.

i just had a full blown ptsd attack while i’m at church because there’s this girl who was having a seizure and then i start panicking and hyperventilating and having difficulty breathing because i was having flashback when my father died and now i feel so emberassed because almost all the people who saw me… Read More »

Intro to My Journey of Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, and PTSD

I’ve been living with anxiety, depression,. ADHD, and PTSD starting at the earliest age of 6. I’ve been on a journey for the past two years to be better version of myself. I need to be able to start journaling so I am going to do a video diary for myself. Also I am wanting… Read More »

[Trauma Tips #4] What is an anxiety attack?

The term ‘anxiety’ is used A LOT in daily conversation. So I figured it would be good to do a video chatting about what anxiety REALLY is and what it might be like to reframe it from a physiological point of view. Enjoy and please leave a comment below! Head to my site to access… Read More »