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How to use the Wisdom of the body to heal PTSD and trauma – with Pat Ogden, PhD

Noticing body language when working with psychological and emotional trauma patients is critical. It can give us insight into what patients are feeling and how to help them heal from traumatic experiences. Here Pat Ogden, PhD, gives one example of how she used sensorimotor psychotherapy to better understand her patient. Source: Youtube

Pat Ogden on the Essential First Step When Treating Trauma

In the Essential First Step When Treating Trauma, Pat Ogden PhD shares one of her first main goals when working with clients who have experienced trauma. Pat is the creator of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, as well as one of the world’s top experts in PTSD and trauma treatment. And one of her first strategies is to… Read More »

How to Rebuild Secure Attachment After Trauma

In How to Rebuild Secure Attachment after Trauma, Pat Ogden and Ruth Lanius look at the powerful way that attachment can affect the client’s healing process. They”ll share insights and strategy on working with clients who have a negative attachment history. Pat will look at one approach that can prevent the escalation of PTSD symptoms… Read More »

Shyness Therapy with Dr Pat Ogden

Dr Pat Ogden’s “Shyness” session is now available at wisemind.com Shyness can be debilitating resulting in an increased risk of loneliness and isolation which in turn can trigger episodes of anxiety and/or depression. In this new session, Dr Ogden explains that there is nothing wrong with being shy, however we might want to feel more… Read More »