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2 months Later…PTSD

Discussing why I have been gone for 2 months post my surgery- How things have been since surgery- etc. Welcome Spoonies, Caregivers and Providers, Thank you for Visiting my Channel! I am a patient, caregiver and advocate. Please be sure to check out my other videos to learn more about me and check out my… Read More »

Accidents Caused by Emotional Upsets High Cost of Letting Go~(1970) Union Pacific Railroad

Please considering supporting the channel through my patreon link to help continue the consistent uploads. https://www.patreon.com/oldmoviesreborn Thanks. Accidents Caused by Emotional Upsets. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acute_stress_reaction Acute stress reaction (also called acute stress disorder, psychological shock, mental shock, or simply shock) is a normal psychological response to a terrifying, traumatic, or surprising experience. It should not be confused… Read More »

Autism & PTSD – Need to find a straight single female to write to romantically in the UK

I created this video hoping to be able to get to know a straight single female around my age of 27-28 to get to know romantically. I have been through so much trauma due to social experiences which have ended badly due to reasons out of my control. I’m hoping by creating this video, I… Read More »

Crimes And Misery: A Personal Account part II

firstly, sorry about the audio, i had to play music in the background so that the staff wouldn’t hear what i was saying. will try to provide transcripts for both parts. in between videos, staff got suspicious and came by, and i had to hide my phone (note: the patient phones in the building are… Read More »

PTSD Medication Performance Linked To Hypertension

Researchers found in a study, medication for post-traumatic stress disorder is more effective for patients with higher blood pressure. Scientists involved with the experiment noted the drug prazosin has reduced PTSD symptoms in the past. Approximately one-third of all recipients, however, don’t respond to the treatment at all. In a study published in the journal… Read More »