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Akashic Frequency Activation: Trauma Recovery (PTSD Sound Therapy – Brainwave Entrainment)

Akashic Frequency Activation: Trauma Recovery (PTSD Sound Therapy) is a brainwave entrainment session to help you overcome the effects caused by any traumatic experiences you have faced in life. Wether that be from sexual abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse or emotional abuse, all negative energies that we generate automatically go straight to your physical and… Read More »

complex PTSD – back to basics?!?

have you ever wondered if living will always be a struggle for you? living with cPTSD has so many ups and downs – like a roller coaster in the dark really… here is what happens when I skip the basics… get free 3 part video series https://www.tanjawindegger.com/p/life_after_trauma *** join our closed FB group *** https://www.facebook.com/groups/124457354918524/… Read More »

My Childhood & Teenage Years as a Transgender Schizophrenic with PTSD

The story of my past (childhood, teenage years, middle and high school) and the struggle I had at becoming my true self, through the mental disorders and trauma. It was a difficult journey as I struggled with my gender identity as a male to female and endured severe trauma from a very early age, including… Read More »

My Story : Child Abuse – Part 1

I was Abused and Tortured from 13-17 yo. This is the first time I am speaking about this without having Flashback from CPTSD Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I think it is time for me to speak out! If you or someone you know is being abused PLEASE reach out for help. Don;t wait 4… Read More »

Overcoming Trauma & Abuse | Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Overcoming trauma and abuse can be challenging since it’s not only difficult to discuss, but also difficult to let go of. But, it is possible if you put your mind to it and focus on your goals and are persistent. By eliminating existing abuse, facing the memories and letting go of them, creating distractions to… Read More »