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Esports Rewind Podcast #1 | Ninja Clickbaits Tfue, Nether Realm Employee PTSD, Ateyo Clothing

Welcome to Episode #1 of the Esports Rewind, have a story you want us to talk about? Comment it down below! #EsportsRewind 00:50 – Epic Announces 2 Week Bans for Cheating 3:38 – Magic Deemed Too Complex for AI 6:16 – Esports Crowds Going After Eachother 8:34 – Apex Legends to Mobile and China 12:22… Read More »

Story: Mark-Ameen Johnson (Ep171)

In episode 171 of The OCD Stories podcast I interview Mark-Ameen Johnson. Mark has kindly agreed to share his OCD story, and his advocacy work. In this episode I chat with Mark about his OCD story, CBT, scrupulosity, his advocacy in sexual orientation OCD, OCD is OCD, words of hope, and much much more. Hope it… Read More »

Borderline Spectrum, Erotic Transference, OCD, PTSD, Impostor Syndrome

Dr. Kirk Honda and Bob talk about borderline spectrum, erotic transference, OCD, PTSD, impostor syndrome. The Psychology In Seattle Podcast. May 3, 2019. Email: Contact@PsychologyInSeattle.com Access archive at: https://psychologyinseattle.squarespace.com Become a patron of our podcast by going to https://www.patreon.com/PsychologyInSeattle Music by Bread Knife Incident. Source: Youtube


+THE MENTAL HEALTH CYPHER PODCAST: HOST: The Herban Yogi +The Mental Health Cypher is a podcast and workshop where we connect with our listeners through educating on the many facets of mental health, share our stories of dealing with the symptoms, and heal through our experiences of overcoming the challenges. +HOST: The Herban Yogi: Greetings,… Read More »

#55 – Connie Boglis – Losing your veteran partner to PTSD & suicide

This week we meet Connie Boglis- Counsellor & Author, as she Opens Up about the struggle her partner Jessefaced, as a veteran who returned with PTSD. Connie also Opens Up about Jesses passing, how she’s helping change procedures for veteran care, and how her new childrens book “Once Upon a Feeling”, helped her heal from… Read More »

#37 – Corey Gaidzionis – PTSD from holding a friend as they passed away in your arms

In this episode we meet Corey Gaidzionis as he Opens Up about the most traumatic moment of his life, holding a friend and work colleague as they passed away. Corey also Opens Up about how this event impacted his life moving forward, as well as what he’s learnt and implemented as a result of it,… Read More »

Joe Rogan & Ben Shapiro: Marijuana, Religion, PTSD, Struggle.

This is a clip from the recent JRE podcast with Ben Shapiro as guest. They talk about cannabis, religion, mdma therapy for patients with ptsd. They also talk about the need for struggle, government and god. Original podcast can be found here: Source: Youtube

RCD: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Speak of the Devil – Reverend Campbell discusses Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He is joined by Citizen Jordan Dunn and together they will discuss the origins of the psychiatric disorder, from World War I’s Shell Shock to modern day rape survivors. Join live and share your thoughts or personal experiences with the host, guest or… Read More »

PODCAST AFRO EMPATH ASCENSION | Mental Health | Bipolar BPD Depression PTSD Anxiety INFJ EcoTherapy

+AFRO EMPATH ASCENSION PODCAST: HOST Luis Torres Bey https://afroempath.com/a-call-to-return-empaths-western-thought-and-spiritual-accountability/ +Is there a connection between mental health issues, physical health issues, and spiritual awakening? https://www.facebook.com/AfroEmpath/ +The diagnosis of Empaths based on Western thought and one sister’s (Iset Asanté) journey to answer a call of inner knowing. Reconnecting with self, nature, and community. Soul Tribe transmissions for… Read More »

TGGG147: Conquering PTSD and Taking Your Power Back with Michele Rosenthal

In this episode, I’m joined by Michele Rosenthal of HealMyPTSD.com. Michele joins me to share her story of how she’s been able to reclaim her identity and find joy again after suffering from PTSD symptoms for almost 30 years. https://thegrassgetsgreener.com/micheler Take The Grass Gets Greener’s Free 5-Day Self-Esteem Challenge: https://thegrassgetsgreener.com/selfesteem Help support the show on… Read More »