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Mindful Minute Monday #1 | PTSD Awareness Month

Today I am starting a new mental health awareness series called the “Mindful Minute.” Every Monday for the rest of June’s PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) Awareness Month, I will discuss a topic to help us be more mindful of those experiencing and suffering from trauma, and I will do so in less than 1 minute.… Read More »

Please help mirror this video TYRANT Alert Maricopa County jail.

maricopa county sheriff facebook https://m.facebook.com/MCSOaz/ Dave’s Painting • 26 minutes ago Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Headquarters 550 W. Jackson Street Phoenix, AZ 85003 Following are key phone numbers: Sheriff Penzone 602-876-1000 Community Outreach 602-876-1685 Professional Standards Bureau 844-887-4483 Report a Crime Tip 602-876-8477 Victim Information Line 602-876-8276 Jail Information Line 602-876-0322 Teletypewriter (TTY) Line 602-876-1034… Read More »

Prison PTSD

The struggles of being a minor locked up in an adult prison facility are revealed. The options and choices for survival are explained. This video will reveal your option in prison, and explain why some men decide to participate in homosexual relationships behind bars. This isn’t like the the streets of laredo. Source: Youtube

PTSD? Trauma Associated With Police Encounters Is Real; Whites Have No Clue How Stressful It Is

The trauma associated with experiencing police brutality, excessive force or witnessing these heinous acts can be equated to PTSD. The stress associated with it is all too well known for African Americans and Latinos. It is a stress that most white Americans will never have to experience. During Tuesday’s edition of #RolandMartinUnfiltered, Roland and his… Read More »


PSA: HOW TO AVOID GETTING SHOT WHEN YOU’VE BEEN PULLED OVER OR INTERACTING WITH POLICE #policeactivity #trafficstop #policeinteractions SUPPORT THE CAUSE WITH SUBS AND VIEW TIME! #veterans #ptsd #tattoing WELCOME TO TESTED METTLE WITH GMAN 5338! Theme song by Que Rock TESTED METTLE TATTOO CO. Co GMan PO Box 10039 Alliston, ON L9R 0B7 Hello!… Read More »

Police Brutality, PTSD and Paris Protests, Mandii and Weezsy Share Some Moments from Paris

This week the duo start with a catch up and Mandii shares her story about she almost got locked up abroad and further touches on how she refuses to be a ride or die in the streets along with possible PTSD because of the killings of black men to police violence. The kink of the… Read More »

Houston Veteran Releases EXPLOSIVE Footage. Harassed By VA Police. CLAIMS FURTHER ABUSE

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiwUz5qFbYdmjpQ3fyuV-Ew There is a story developing online of Lieutenant Howard of the veterans administration police force striking and detaining a disabled veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder on film. I want to briefly run through the timeline as I understand it and you can correct me or comment as appropriate, I will be brief: March 2… Read More »

The Job Of Policing Gives Cops PTSD. Do We Really Need the Police?

The job of Policing has given cops PTSD via Hyper-masculinity and has led to a issues with police brutality and lying. So the question is do we need the cops? Community Policing would suggest otherwise! Written, Edited & Filmed by Krish Mohan SUPPORT THE SHOW ON PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/KrishMohanHaha MAKE AN INDIVIDUAL DONATION: paypal.me/KrishMohanhaha TOUR DATES:… Read More »


Short synopsis Vastly different lives and perspectives become intertwined when a police officer suffering from recurring post-traumatic stress disorder shoots a deaf African-American child, exposing layers of corruption and racial tension within the political, judicial and prison systems. After the system fails to bring justice, the father of the slain youth contemplates taking matters into… Read More »

PTSD Rampant in Chicago Due to Violence & Lack of Services

Jordan spoke with Chicago organizers and activists about the PTSD black residents have from ongoing violence. SUPPORT Jordan’s Chicago trip reporting: http://www.jordanchariton.com/sponsor/ Subscribe and hit the bell! -SIGN UP to hear news first: http://JordanChariton.com -SUBSCRIBE to Patreon to Read “Corporate Con Job”: http://Patreon.com/JordanChariton – Twitter @JordanChariton Source: Youtube